sketch nights!

in this post, i’ll be showing you sketches from two sketch night’s, from November and December’s Mystery Sketch Theatre, hosted at The Geek Easy in A Comic Shop.  and i have to say, it was a rough couple of months.  it was very humbling to see such fantastic artwork from others.  it was also a pointer to me that i really need to work on female faces.  well, as always, we start off with the 30 second warm ups.

next up are the one minute sketches.  if i recall correctly, i’m using the Copic multiliner 0.2mm exclusively here.

i really need to find my style a bit more.  i’ve been told i have very clean lines.  simple artwork without too much clutter.  well, i’m not sure if that’s a good thing.  i think i cut myself short because i’m afraid i’ll muck things up.  well, that’s the beauty of these sketch night.  i go ahead and try to experiment and see what happens.  here are the 5 minute sketches.

i know for the sketches in December, i wasn’t getting the female face so i decided to focus on the ink shading.  i think it turned out alright.  next, 10 minute sketches.

and finally, the contest sketch of the night.  in November, it was to incorporate a fairy tale.  in December, it was incorporate a Christmas llama.  yeah, you read that right.

needless to say, i didn’t win the contest.  so defeated, i left early to cry in my pillow!  haha, just kidding.  one last sketch from November, focusing on the shiny latex.


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laying out a page

so here we are about to begin the next page of Journey into the INKnown. so, what I’ve done so far is just in blue pencils lay out a page where we have hands looking through some old photographs, where each photo effectively becomes a panel. as of right now the panels are totally unscripted. but in order for this work, it’ll have to be a little different than the previous pages. here, I’ll have to work out the captions for all 4 panels (photos) in order to make sure I have room for them before I do any inking.

I’m also wrestling with how much detail to put into the fingers and the table backdrop. still trying to figure out my style, between cartoony and photo-realistic. well, sit back and enjoy as I experiment and find hopefully find myself.


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panel breakdown

here are some toughs for another panel in my unscripted comic. as I’m learning, one of the first things I want to do is make room and get the word bubble in, before any artwork interferes. so, in this panel, I want the reader to ‘jump’ with the character down into the abyss. hence, I decided to go with a more back shot than a front shot. in my first attempt, I quickly realized I drew the character too big for the panel. it just wouldn’t leave any room to show the expanse of the abyss. so, in try two, I resized him down and changed his footing some. I really liked the body posture so I had to fit the cliff angle into that perspective. had a tough time actually coming up with the right angles there. I’m sure there is some technical art method to figure out the correct angles for the cliffs, but me, I just eyeball it!



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panel in progress

another upcoming panel for my journey into the INKnown comic series. done so far in blue pencil lead, I’m still roughing out how this panel looks. our main character thus far is running from someone gunning him from afar. I find myself relying on quite a bit if imagination here, telling myself it should look like ‘this’ after the inking, which I think shows off most of the intense effects. as you can see, his right arm was too elongated or something, it just looked weird. so when I goto inks in the next step, I’ll automatically draw it in some.


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the end to art jamm week

another fantastic art jamm week has come and gone, sadly.  (quick recap, once a year, i take off from my day job to focus on just art and really settle into the lifestyle of an artist.)  this year, as indicated below in my previous blog, i had a plan on what i’d like to accomplish.  except, i decided to not go too hardcore and go at a bit more of a leisurely pace, fitting in reading comics and other night time activities.  all in all, definitely a fantastic time.

so, this year, i think i really built on two key skills – comic page layouts and details, details, details.  since i was working on an 8-page comic book collaboration this year, i had the opportunity to really dig deep into page layouts to tell a story (panel size, shape, perspective, etc.).  also, the amount of sheer detail needed to give the overall effect. as i look through a comic now, i have that new found appreciation of what the artist did in teh background in order to make the character jump out so much more.

something else i wanted to work on was a movie poster.  i saw a movie poster for Drive done by Phil Noto and was absolutely inspired.  and i think he just did it for fun!  i wonder how long it took him to do it but impressed i was.  so, i took a stab at a poster for The Dark Knight Rises.  i didn’t get very far though unfortunately, just a rough layout.

but i think the most fun i had was working on perhaps a new webcomic.  i’ll call it, Journey into the Inknown!  (for now.)  the beauty (or detriment) of it is that i have no script.  i have no idea where the story is going (ala Skottie vs. Scotty) and i’m just having a great time making it up as i go.  done in only black and white, all i want to deliver is action in every panel!  i’m not sure how i’m going to present it yet (one panel at a time, one page at a time, daily, weekly, monthly, on or at another website, etc.) so i’m afraid i won’t have any below.

well, thanks for reading and below are some images for your perusal.

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comic book work in progress!

so, this year i’m trying out a new process for me to make comic books.  the process entails first laying out very rough thumbnail concepts in pencil.  sometimes i play around with a couple different layouts, to see how i best like the panels to tell the story.  next, i go to the computer, working with Photoshop and a Wacom tablet and loosely draw in the figures, using reference pictures as often as possible.  supposedly, the beauty of this step is that i can use Photoshop to resize and move them around without constantly erasing on paper.  then, i invested in a new printer that’s able to print on the 11×17 comic boards in blue ink.  and voila, that’s where i’m at now!  just finished all 8 pages of this original comic i’m working on and ready for the final step of the detailed pencils and inks.  below is a pic of the steps mentioned above.

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art jamm week!

me and my schedules!  so, I’ve been told I get a bit intense with my projects but what the heck!  i will say, this year’s art jamm week will be a bit more leisurely.

so, here are some topics and a draft schedule for myself. as you’ll notice too, there are some night activities in there too, to break things up!

thurs – 2 strips, thumbnails and page layouts, movie poster – charity event at night in winter park
fri – 2 strips, learn copics, movie poster, script layouts – Immortals!
sat- 2 strips, color strips, various art submissions – family birthday dinner
sun – 18 hour jamm day
mon – 2 strips, jamm day cleanup
tues – 2 strips, 3 pages from script – Batman Year One
wed – 2 strips, project cleanups, new web comic?

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copycat sketch – Joe Madureira

joe madureira came and went.  went he came onto the scene back with uncanny x-men, i thought that was some of the best pencils ever.  then he went on to do his own thing with Battlechasers, which to this day, i don’t know what it was about and if the series ever finished.  BUT, it had fantastic art.  and i think i heard he went on to do video games.  anyways, here’s hoping to returns to comics one day.

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