dirty world

what are we looking for in life?  are we really just trudging through this icky forest in search of something because we feel compelled to?  and then suddenly something jumps in our face and scares the bejezzus out of us?!  some people enjoy the journey, others hate it, and some refuse to participate and plops down right in the middle of the forest.  in the end, this is the world we live in.  and whether we choose to participate or not, the world will continue to exist.  maybe it’s best we all strap on our hiking boots and get dirty.

this week, another continuous and borderless comic strip!  i think i’m using it correctly, since i’m trying to convey a wide open space, thus the lack of borders gets that sense across to the reader.  i also hope i adequately convey that is mud Finn falls into.  lastly, i’ve been on a kick with my technical pens (Copic Multiliners) but i should really get back to brushes, for better line variations.

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INKtober – days 6-10

as you can probably tell by now, i’ve been drawing from Esquire magazine for my subjects.  at first, i just wanted a good fashionable piece to draw from, but then i decided, why not make the entire month of Inktober with some style!

as the days went on, i realized i was working on my ability to shade in ink by varying the thickness, the space between, and the direction of the ink lines.  as you can notice with Day 6, i think it worked particularly well by drawing the lines i the direction the skin contours to.  another takeaway for me was – don’t be afraid to add more detail.  for me, sometimes i get into this mindset that what i’ve drawn is good and i don’t want to ruin it with a line (ink, nonetheless!) that may ruin it.  well, in keeping with the spirit of Inktober and the whole premise of finncomics, i need to experiment!

below are Days 6 through 10.  enjoy.

day06 day07 day08 day09 day10

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INKtober – days 1-5

i first started hearing about Inktober a few years ago from the awesome Skottie Young, when i bought one of his digital books, The Adventures of Bernard the World Destroyer, that contained 31 inked pieces of art that combined to tell a short story.  apparently, Inktober was started by a guy named Jake Parker, an illustrator and comic book artist who has worked for lots of major companies and movies, such as Horton Hears a Who, Rio, and Epic.  the rules are pretty simple – for the entire month of October, produce some drawings at a regular and consistent pace (i.e. everyday, every other day, every 5th day, etc.).  that’s it.

so, this year, my annual art jamm week coincided with October 1st.  thus, i decided to participate.  below, are my Inktober pieces for days 1 to 5.  enjoy, and come back to see how the rest of the month goes!

day01 day02 day03 day04 day05



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internal voices please

do you ever find yourself talking to yourself?  maybe in the mirror?  or in the car when you’re alone?  well, that’s just weird.  ok, i’m just kidding.  i think i do it but usually using my internal voice.  i run lots of scenarios through my head and sometimes find myself putting myself in other people’s shoes.  what would it really be like to be in that person’s life right now?  i bring this all up because i think we need that alone time to really think things through.  i think we need alone time to give our brain time to work through issues.  also, it gives us time to take a step back and see what all is really important in life and how far or close we are to it.

i’m reading a really great book by Will Eisner called Comics and Sequential Art: Principles and Practices from the Legendary Cartoonist.  in it, Eisner really breaks down the planning on panels and how they can be used.  i was blown away by the fact that he had thought about really inventive ways to use the comic art form 60 years ago and artists today are still learning from it.  absolutely amazing.  anyways, in it, i learned about borderless panels and what it can do for you.  i’m not saying i’m using it correctly here, but i wanted to give it a try.  the only true border you’re working with is the piece of paper itself.

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a stray dog and an aimless Finn.  ever since the beginning of this year, i’ve sent Finn off on adventures in hopes of learning more about himself, and who he wants to be.  here we are, in the middle of October, and is Finn any closer to understanding who he is?

i’ve read about how as an amateur artist, you should only post artwork you are proud of, and at the same time not get stuck on any one piece of work for too long.  today i present to you a piece of work that i’m not all that proud of, but i felt i should display it anyways.  i guess it’s my way of saying not everyday will get better.  some days you’re just not happy.

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lurking within our life

i wonder what life would look like if we never had to put up with the little inconveniences that pop up.  i think about that future in Star Trek where we have food replicators (thus no more grocery shopping and cooking), transporter beans (no more travel time, especially waiting at the airport and getting delays!), and maybe even robots (no more cutting the grass).  imagine all that time saved and what we could do with it.  then again, maybe there’s an intangible benefit of having to fix that stupid broken sprinkler head or having to learn to cook for yourself.  if only i could quantify the intangible.

i think you know what i was going for with this comic strip – a slow zoom over Finn’s shoulder to something ominous.  in retrospect, i think i should’ve zoom in further in those last two panels.  for example, in the fourth panel, only have Finn’s shoulder visible, and then the last panel shows the details of the blades of grass and bigger eyes in the dark.

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don’t get me wrong, i definitely look up to those who make a conscious choice to control their life instead of those who just chalk it up to fate.  i think it takes a lot of ownership and responsibility to say the reason your life is the way it is, is because of you.  by knowing that simple truth, it opens up the door to change so many things that we would otherwise blame something else for.  there’s just so little time in this world, why wouldn’t we try everything we can to improve our happiness?  i acknowledge though, despite our best efforts, life throws you a curve ball and sometimes it’s a strike, but sometimes it’s a home run.  (yeah, that’s right, i just used a sports reference.)

pretty happy with the artwork for this week’s strip.  i like how i took my time with the console controls to get the details just right.  i do think my art work could be more lively.  for example, that last panel could’ve been more exciting if i drew the car more ‘animated’ and perhaps jerked up.

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how could i forget you

i’ve always been fascinated with the presence a person makes.  i like people watching, especially observing leaders (from world leaders to people to who lead meetings to characters in movies).  i’ve noticed little things they do that i’ll call a trend that leaders do.  for example, they usually come to meeting right on time – not early and not late.  just on time.  also, they usually do not take notes or barely bring anything with them.  i’ve also found depending on how charismatic that person is, determines if that person comes off as effective or a prick.  how does this discussion relate back to today’s comic strip?  i think first impressions count.  i encourage you to work on your first impression.

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feels good to finally get some closure.  i know not all relationships that end warrant this kind of civil discussion, especially not right away.  i would think that if you had the opportunity though, even years later, it might be worth your time.  even though we’ve probably changed and grown quite a bit since, there’s probably still something to learn upon reflection.  if you’re dating someone right now, make sure they’re ok with it before you reach out to your past!

that quote came from Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth (1989) by Grant Morrison and art by Dave McKean.  i’m pretty proud of this week’s strip.  it’s not very often the final product actually comes out the way i wanted it to.  i used Copic markers to get the tree backgrounds.

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i understand.

i remember back in high school taking Chemistry.  the teacher was explaining how  rotated at certain orbits around the nucleus, and how elements could combine when they were both missing the right electrons at the right orbit.  in order to make sense of all this, i had to picture in my head what was going on.  turns out, years later, what i pictured was totally wrong!  the point is even if it’s not true, if you can explain it to yourself AND it makes sense, just go with it.  i feel like sometimes to make life understandable, you just have to make up some stories.

well, i’m back to the talking heads in this strip.  i found while i was drawing them, just the face and the hands carry so much of the character’s emotion.  everything else (i.e. the arms, shirt, neck, etc.) just simply fall into place.

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