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what do you do when you get a huge piece of new information?  are you cool as a cucumber and nothing gets you too worked up?  or does the slightest change send you in a tailspin?  there’s no right or wrong, just what you want to be and what you currently are.  just take it as a data point and if you’re far from what you envision yourself, then well, it might be time to do something about it.  either change what you think you should be, or start practicing that new you.

this week’s story dropped a bombshell!  then again, most of you guessed.  hey, i never said story writing was my strong suit.  and from the looks of this week’s art, neither are backgrounds!  have no fear, the return of some higher quality art returns next week.  i’m currently building up my backlog again and i work much better without a deadline.

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first off, i never said this comic strip would be funny.  sorry for all the seriousness, but i do have some fun strips planned in the future.

this week we revisit a common theme in finn comics, which is the concept that love is sometimes a matter of timing.  whether it is one person is a relationship not ready to take it to the next level or meeting someone awesome but you’re already in a relationship, sometimes timing is the only thing standing in the way.  what could’ve happened if you were both ready to take it to the take level?  or if you met that person, you were single and able to do something about it?  perhaps life is comprised of all these near misses, like asteroids flying about the universe and none of the big ones hit Earth.  (except for the one that wiped out the dinosaurs!)

what do you think about the background?  not sure if it makes sense or not.  i was trying to be artistic and so something different with the trees in the far off distance yet show a patch of dark grass stuff around the bench.  only proves i really need to work on my backgrounds.

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thinking past

it feels like i used to have more time back then to reflect on things.  whether it was being in the gym longer or more music during car rides, i felt like i had ample time to think about life and all the small nuances of it.  life just seems to get more busy all the time, so there’s probably an art to simplifying it.  maybe it’s through these small moments of reflection that we distill life into the basics, allowing us to see what’s important and not.  and if life is too busy, it keeps getting busier because we haven’t had time to think about it.  life creep.

in the first panel, i used a new white ink pen i found online.  it looks great when you first apply it because it’s so white, but after it dries, it’s not quite as white and the black behind it makes it look more gray than anything.  in any case, a fun pen with silky smooth ink that just flows.   found using white out (although it gave a whiter white) a bit cumbersome to use.  with the last panel, i thought i’d throw in a little color to punch it up some.  pow!

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taking a cue from my favorite comic strip of all time, Calvin & Hobbes, throwing in some poems with the art.  although, Bill Watterson’s were usually also funny.  i’ll work on that.

so, we wrap up another Finn adventure.  where is his next adventure taking him?  find out next week for a doozy!

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take me home

it feels good to be saved.  whether it is via religion, your partner, or even yourself, the feeling of being safe after struggling for so long is a restful spite.  as much as i’m a proponent of working hard each and everyday to get further in life and in your goals, every once in awhile you just need to rest and really enjoy how far you’ve come in life.  that’s how i feel when i get several hours to just get lost in my artwork or a video game.  i enjoy sitting in my art studio, turning up the volume on my music, and loosing track of time for awhile.

pretty happy with how the art turned out this week.  i’m really trying to work on my ability to fill in background spaces.  i think my strategy may be to go overboard with background details, to get used to it, and then dial back on it eventually.  if i know i can fill in background details, then it won’t be so scary for me.

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defeat on so many levels

what does it take to defeat your inner demons?  does the confrontation happen all at once, or is it gradual, over time?  maybe it’s like how the movie Dragon describes it and how it haunts the family of Bruce Lee for generations.  a feeling of insecurity that passes onto you and now it’s up to you to do something about it.  i have to believe, in the end, it’s always better to have faced your demons than run from it.  whether it is today or years from now, just make sure you address it.

with this strip, we arrive at the end of another Finn adventure.  what did you think?  did you see this coming?  i know one of my friends did!  i was trying to be much more symbolic with that first panel but i’m still happy with it.  i also thought playing off the same pose worked in the transition of panel 1 to 2.  do you see the outline of the sand take the same shape of the kidnapper too?

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fighting angry!

sometimes it’s ok to get angry.  even though i don’t like it, i know it’s a natural emotion.  i feel as long as it doesn’t lead to any destructive behaviors or actions, the feeling itself can propel ourselves to something even greater.  i mean, without the feeling, the motivation to do ‘something’ might be weak.  but if you’re angry, well, you’re super motivated to do that ‘something.’  so, i say, give in to it in a controlled environment, then ultimately use it to do better.  for me, i’ve been getting angry with my slow progression in developing my artwork, so hopefully you’ll see me redouble my efforts to get better.

speaking of art, when i finished that third panel, i was pretty happy.  but now, a few weeks later, it looks a bit off.  i think i should’ve added more dark shadows and shading, to make it fit in with the other panels.  also, that first panel should’ve been a bit more details.  i probably got lazy with those dashed lines.

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let’s dance

when you’re feeling down for whatever reason, there’s really only two choices – to fight harder or just give up.  in that situation, i wonder how people decide which route to take.  is it just something innate in us?  or is it something we can train ourselves to deal better with?  i hope it’s the latter with life’s little struggles and how we deal with them that will hopefully tell the world what we’re really made of.  hmm, i guess that means i should get away from this computer and start exercising!

as some of you may know, Finn comics has first and foremost always been a way for me to experiment with my art and get better at it.  ultimately, i’d love to work in the comic book industry and be a professional comic book artist.  therefore, i’ve been trying to introduce more dynamic and action scenes into Finn, to get me more experience.  i hope you’re up for the adventure as Finn’s story gets more fantastical!

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new hero

I’m getting ready for my upcoming jamm week (one week totally devoted to drawing!) and need to do some character designs. below is a hero main character I came up with. he’s supposed to e from another planet who has now adopted earth as his home, ala Superman. thoughts?


below are some if the steps I took to make this drawing. I start off with the basic form, usually from a live reference. then I do tighter pencils. for coloring, I used neutral gray copic sketch markers, starting with the lighter ones and working towards the darker shades. finally, I add in the busted up concrete to really give the character some weight.








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i know you

have you ever met someone that had you all figured out?  someone who knew your personality type, could predict how you react, and, most importantly, which buttons to press to get you going?  so, what do you do in that situation?  for me, i feel like my back is against the wall and there’s no where to go.  i want to fight, but if this person knows me so well, they will also know how to counter any moves.  what do you do with that person that gets under your skin?

i was going for that really dark, ominous feeling in the first panel.  i think i got lazy trying to make the black shadows from the copic markers.  but i’m pretty happy with that last panel and the contours of his face.

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