a perfect date

perhaps a continuation of sorts from chibar’s post last thursday, we’ve all had those dates that seemed perfect. we’ll prepare for it, try to anticipate any needs, and hopefully not get too nervous. and on those perfect dates, things just seem to go right and all that nervousness just fades away and it becomes practically effortless.

as for the art, still working on the shading technique. not sure if i got it right yet.

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has this happened to you?

here we go… new comic strips every monday AND thursday! that’s right, twice a week now you’re entitled to some of the best comic strips! so, that means after you visit wheezy’s site, come visit ours. 🙂

so on monday, i (johnny) will be your host with new content. this week’s strip was inspired from a leadership training class i took, where the instructor was giving a scenario when a co-worker would come into your office, plop down, and then begin to unload all this drama – when you don’t care. what do you do…?

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sight vs. WRITE

continuing our experiment on what’s harder to do, delivering a funny comic based mainly on art or on the writing, this week we present you with our writing strip. feel free to leave some comments on what you think, which one you enjoyed more (sight or write), etc. and be sure to check out wheezy’s site, who’s also partaking in the sight vs. write.

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SIGHT vs. write

as we intro’d in last week’s blog, mr wheezy and ourselves are experimenting with a little something we like to call sight vs. write. this week’s comic will be purely visual, with no text or words whatsoever. excited? and next week’s will be totally dependent on the writing! please, leave some comments and let us know what you think.

for my strip this week, i tackle the idea of fitting in (or not)

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in this week’s comic, i’m shedding light on something that goes through most guys heads (i think). the nerve wracking yet exciting first kiss. what the girl may not know is all these crazy thoughts start popping in our heads!

and you may notice the lettering is different today. i tried to do some hand lettering (instead of using the computer and typing out the words) but i’m not so sure i’ll ever do it again…

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good friends

undoubtedly, one of the most important facets of our lives is who we consider our friends. and if your friends are anything like mine, then you’re faced with some great put downs. today’s comic strip highlights that kind of interaction.

in today’s comic, although very subtle, i’ve introduced a bit more of layering by shading in the character in a red shirt. i’ve been listening to a Webcomics Weekly, which is a podcast that dishes out great tips, and one of their tips was to go ahead and put a character with their back towards the reader. supposedly, it draws in the reader right into the conversation more. you be the judge.

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overly critical

undoubtedly, as we begin dating someone, we can be overly critical of them. and as jerry seinfield has taught us, there are practically infinite reasons to dump a person. so, what’s the key to not becoming that kind of person? in watching the new ryan reynolds movie, Definitely, Maybe, i think the character shows us how there are multitudes of possibilities if you’re just open to it. and yeah, i did see that movie and i’m not afraid to say i enjoyed it too!

today’s strip was created entirely digital. i got some great advice from jimmy cheung, superstar comic book artist, that i need to work on my line variation. so hopefully, you’ll see some improvements in that department in future strips.

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the first encounter

you know, not many things are as exciting as the first time you’re talking to somebody you genuinely have a crush on. sure, you’ve rehearsed it time and again in your head but somehow when the time comes, the words just seem to come out by themselves. and i have to catch myself cause i’ll be saying things off the cuff – and who knows if it’s even true! today’s strip is about that type of occurrence and one possible scenario.

and a bit about the artwork, this is the first one i’ve done purely by the wacom tablet. thus, no hand sketches, just pure computer. and it’s got some background layouts courtesy of my comic strip mentor, wheezy. thanks.

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(notice the background dancer – can you name the dance?)

below is another comic strip from my series showing what may happen when trying to pick up girls at a downtown type scene. the funny part usually is that she doesn’t even have a ring on half the time! in any case, this strip was created in my usual method, which is sketching the layout in my book, then drawing and inking by hand, then scanning it and coloring/lettering by computer. i think i’m getting better each time but it’s still not as crisp as i’d like it. and there’s a balance i’m struggling with between purely computer generated effects and using good ‘ole hand drawn stuff. enjoy!

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