and just like that, everything changes

how far do you push?  you know you want more.  more is never enough.  (i stole that last line from the upcoming new movie The Wolf of Wall Street!)  so in life, how far do you push before you should settle and just be happy.  if you just resign yourself to being happy and not pushing for much at all, is that so bad?  i guess it depends on who you ask and what they value.  i think that’s when it gets confusing and dangerous – when other people’s values are reflected on you.  now you’re living to someone else’s standard and expectations.  don’t let that happen.

a whopping six panels!  and if i had done better planning, i think there would’ve been a seventh panel where i show that saleslady saying something funny after Finn has been kidnapped.  and yes, that’s what’s going on, Finn has been kidnapped!  clearly this comic strip is going into new territory and i hope you’ll stick with me on this journey.  i feel like i’m breaking one of my cardinal rules for this comic strip, which was to make every story relate-able.  well, hopefully you can still relate to the message i’m trying to make in this story arch.  enjoy!

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skip the reason

so, is this Finn trying to escape or is it him actively trying to find something more than what he had in his life back home?  does it matter the reason why he’s on this journey?  in the end, Finn walks away with a lot more adventure, and a lot more life experiences, which can only make him more well-rounded and worldly.  i guess i’m just wondering if it matters the reason why someone does something, as long as the end result is a positive.  does the end justify the means for Finn?

in regards to the artwork, there were a couple things I tried out this week.  first off, adding some characters that are not just skinny, stick figure types.  hopefully you’ll see more people of all shapes and sizes soon.  also, i’m working on lighting and ink shading.  not sure how well i did on either of these fronts.  and i guess Finn got paid enough (reference the last story arc) to fly first class!

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the future

i enjoy and despise those moments when i realize there are so many possibilities yet i have to narrow it down to just one. it’s so much fun to entertain all those possibilities, but reality has to eventually set in, and it becomes a matter of simply choosing the best option.  we probably do it everyday in making these decisions, some more important than others.  like i heard somewhere once, we consider all the known data and make the best choice we can.

for this week, i was trying to practice facial expressions and conveying as much emotion as i can with just a look.  also, i wanted to test the limits of shading in inks.  well, with that, another story arc for Finn comes to an end.  what did you think about it?

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get over here!

i won’t belabor the point since it’s been made so many times before.  the point being, it’s not about looks and superficial features, it’s the way a person acts that counts.  i recently attended a workshop where they were teaching us about micro-biases.  micro-biases are tiny behaviors that we all do, on average 2,000 times a day, that somehow pre-judge, discriminate, or send some sort of signal what you think.  the key is to try to be aware of our behaviors so we at least control that much before making up our minds.

as for the artwork, what can i say, it was a great excuse to draw some comic super heroes.  for the comic book art, i actually penciled it all, and went straight to scanning.  i replied on Photoshop to make it look like ink.  hope you enjoy it!

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don’t fall for it

did she just throw Finn a neg?!  she gives him a slight insult to throw him off, followed up by a compliment and now Finn doesn’t know what to do!  if this happens to you, don’t fall for it!

sometimes in writing my strips, i really try not to be too self-serving, but sometimes it just comes out.  just remember, that’s Finn talking, not me!  also, this may be the first time i’ve ever had dialogue popping out of a panel that sets the stage.  i’ve always appreciated that story-telling technique as it immediately pulls me into the story while telling me where i’m at, all in the same panel.

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is it worth it?

no one wants to be called complacent, safe, predictable, right?  in the grand scheme of life, i think those are exactly the kind of people that live a steady lifestyle, without too much drama in their lives.  and those who do consistently take risk, and have people in their lives that just muck things up, i think have a lot more stress.  BUT, you have to be a risk taker to really get ahead in this world and make a mark on it.  that’s where i struggle so much in my life.  is it possible to achieve so much but without all the instability?

very happy with this week’s strip.  i’m still trying to get better with backgrounds and i think it worked out good this week. in that last panel, all i needed was to convey a crowd and i think silhouettes did the job just fine.

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where else

not much to comment on here, except that every once in awhile, the stars align and you have one of the best days ever.  i hope when days like this happen, you enjoy every single minute of it!

artwork-wise, i feel like i’m on the cusp of great artwork.  but there’s something with my skills that are off and it just doesn’t quite look right.  i fully admit, part of it is because i’m rushing.  i don’t have any comic strips backlogged, so i’m creating a strip right before it’s posted on Monday.  let’s see if i can get ahead of the curve!

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bat smile

let’s make a deal!  maybe before you ask someone out, you should ask yourself what you have to offer.  i’m not saying it’s a trade or anything, just that you should be aware of what you’re bring to the table.  the honest truth is, if you don’t have much to offer, maybe you should go back and work on that.  work on being confident, being alright being alone, and being just you.  go work on any past scars or luggage you’re carrying around and your next partner will be thankful for it.

i was really trying to transition that last panel into a totally different drawing style to reflect that is Finn drawing it, and not me.  but as soon as i made Batman smile, i had a hard time doing that.  it’s ok, still practicing.  the next several strips may get rougher and rougher.

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maaaaaybe this one time

are there exceptions to every rule?  is the world not black and white and always shades of grey?  no wonder life, and relationships, are so darn complicated and what works here sometimes doesn’t work there.  so, how are we supposed to navigate through life when we don’t know what’s right and wrong?  maybe the important thing is just how we approach each situation, with a positive attitude and the best intentions.  i mean, how can you say no to someone who’s nice?  with glasses?  🙂

had to remind myself (as i do occasionally), that even though Finn comics is over 5 years old, it really is still an test bed for me, to try out new art techniques and sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.  nothing too dramatic this week; just some cross hatch shading.  anybody got tips for me?

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doesn’t take much

i think girls should walk up to guys more often.  i mean, seriously, how often does that happen?  ask any guy how often he’s had a girl walk up to him and just start a conversation.  i bet the answer would be not very many but they were probably positive memories.  now ask any girl how often they have initiated a conversation with a guy.  i think in this day and age, people should just talk!  chivalry and any other tradition should be held onto IF it helps the process of courting, not impede it.

so, i originally drew that third panel with a lot more shadows but after inking it, it just looked wrong.  i guess i just didn’t commit to that image.  so, i went in with Photoshop and removed it, so now it looks like Finn has like white gloves on or something.  also, i’m liking Finn’s ability to wear different style shirts these days!

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