sketch night!

one of my favorite nights came and went last week – sketch night!  hosted the first Wednesday of every month in The Geek Easy at A Comic Shop in Orlando, FL.  quite the contrast from last months model who was seriously in character the whole time and didn’t so much crack a smile.  this month’s model was interactive and smiling, which gave a very positive vibe for the night.  as always, we start off with 30 second poses and i’m working in Copic Sketch markers.

next, the one minute poses, still with the Copic Sketch.  so, i should mention, our model is dress as an anime character.  i have no idea which one though!

for the 5 minute poses, i quickly went to a rough thick pencil to get an idea of the form and shape.  then quickly to Copic 0.5 multiliner for the real inking and adjusting on the fly.  on the second image, i poke fun Rob Liefield, a famous comic book artist from the 90’s, who was notorious for not drawing feet or if he did, it’ll look like tippy-toes!

next is a 10 minute pose.  again, i did roughs with a thick pencil.  what happened here though (and often does) is that i realized i got the proportions wrong.  in this case, her torso was too long.  so, when i moved onto the inks, i adjusted on the fly.  obviously not the best practice, for quick drawings, it’s been working well for me.

for the contest sketch tonight, the model weighed in and wanted to incorporate Transformers and a rich 80’s famous singer. why? because she switch costumes and is now from Jem and the Holograms!  specifically, she was the green haired leader of the Misfits!  if you don’t know what i’m talking about, you gotta go find this cartoon classic!  and guess what, i won for tonight!  sweet deal!

and we finish off the night with two more 10 minute sketches.  boy does the night fly by when you’re having fun!

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sketch night!

YES!  the return of sketch night!  these days it takes place at the very cool Geek Easy, located inside one of Orlando’s best comic shops, A Comic Shop.  i’m afraid i can’t expound too much on what the model dressed up as, but i assume it’s an anime character.  how did i know? because she had a 8 foot long sniper rifle prop!  we start off below with 30 second sketches, using a black Copic sketch marker.

tonight’s model goes by Arsenic Arson.  and all night long, she didn’t break a smile!  very intense and very cool.  below are 1 minute sketches.

so, here’s where i begin to experiment more.  the last sketch night i did, i focused on body frame and posture.  tonight, i just, well, do whatever.  between using crosshatch shadings and just trying to elaborate more on features to make it more comic-book-y.  below are the 5 minute sketches, done in Copic multiliner 0.1.

next is a 15 minute sketch but i had problems with my trusty mechanical pencil!  eventually i gave up on fixing it to proceed with the sketch. Copic multiliner 0.5.

tonight’s sketch challenge is to incorporate robot dinosaurs.  i tried to incorporate some of what the model was projecting.  15 minutes with 5 minutes of touchup.

and the night ends with 2 more 15 minute sketches.  i really like the below images.  i was starting to get tired and fearing my artwork was degrading.  but i think i pulled it off and was very happy with the whole night.  i think my morning sketches have been really helping to get better at drawing in general.

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sketch night!

sketch night was actually last week but just getting around to posting it now.  this week we have a model who actually works as a burlesque dancer!  and in all honesty, she was a great model and had some very fun artistic poses.  well, let’s get to it!

we start off with our usual 30 second sketches.  this month i decided to focus on the wireframe of the body posture.  (last month i tried to focus on flowing hair.)  i’m using a thick Copic sketch marker that’s about to run out.

next, one minute sketches.  halfway through these, i get sick of the marker running out and started using a fresh Copic sketch.  free flowing ink feels so good!

next, a few 5 minute sketches.  still wanting to do work on my wireframe technique, i switch to a very thick lead drafting pencil for roughs.  this allowed me to get the posture angles and proportions closer.  then it was back to the Copic sketch.

tonight’s challenge sketch (which lasts 15 minutes and then an additional 5 minutes for cleanups) was to incorporate the easter bunny.  now, every month i give an honest effort to win this contest but am always blown away by competition (very humbling!).  but this week i actually won!!  totally took me by surprise but i was VERY happy!  here’s the winning sketch, done in 0.3mm rough pencils and a Pentel brush pen!

the night quickly wrapped up after this with some 10 minute sketches.  looking forward to next month’s!

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sketch night!

finally, the return of sketch night!  i used to goto something called Dr. Sketchy, but due to new management at the last venue, they’ve moved to a much better location.  sketch night is now at a comic shop that’s been voted best in Orlando like 4 times in a row, A Comic Shop.  it’s a fantastic store and the sketching actually takes place in a room in the back, called the Geek Easy.  it’s got drawing table and everything!

anyways, let’s get to the art!  we start as always with some 30 seconds quickies.  tonight, i really wanted to focus on hair and the flow of it.  so, you’ll see that i go straight to that in most cases.

next, one minute sketches.  here, i’m still using the Copic sketch black marker.  i find the flow of the ink great for the fast paced action.

next, 2 minute sketches.  i started using a new 0.1 Copic multiliner, but quickly found that with it just wasn’t enough time to get the level of detail i needed.

here, we have a 5 minute sketches, which allowed me to go back to the 0.1 Copic multiliner.  and with the additional time, comes more details.  as you start seeing, tonight’s subject is actually from the upcoming Sucker Punch movie, featuring Sweet Pea, modeled by Jessica Steele.

onward to 10 minutes!  this sketch is my favorite of the night’s.  (cause from here, it’s just downhill!)

tonight’s challenge was open-ended.  basically incorporate any element of the upcoming Sucker Punch movie into the art, such as orcs, mecha-robots, zombies, etc.  and this is where i started getting frustrated.  i started on one idea, got frustrated, then started on this one below.

so, by the last sketch, we were back to 10 minutes and this was the best i could come up with.  actuallyhad some fun using a very thick pencil lead and instead of shading with ink and cross-hatching, this was some good ‘ole pencil pressure for shading.

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