worth it

i’m a believer that people who used to date can still hang out, as friends.  but, it all definitely depends on how and why they broke up.  if both people agreed to it, because of just known differences or cause they grew apart, then why not.  there was enough in common to love each other once, why not try still being friends.  (we could always use another good friend!)  BUT, if the breakup was because of cheating, or if one person did the breaking up, or any number of other reasons, perhaps not.  all i’m saying is it’s worth to at least think about it.

i do love the single panels.  not because it’s less art, but because i think i really get to paint a more solid picture.  and in this week, i throw in a bit of shading.  i used to shade every comic strip, but it just got too tedious!

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no. it’s not over.

so, someone in the circle of friends breaks up with their partner of a significant time and now it’s just kinda awkward.  i mean, you spend all that time getting to know someone and now you’re cut off from him/her because your friend ended the relationship.  does that feel wrong?  is it wrong you still want to hang out with their ex even though they’re not dating?  the answer is probably so but maybe it doesn’t always have to be like that.  i suggest holding a meeting and hold a vote where it will take a 2/3 majority vote to keep the ex in the circle.  haha, just kidding.  but it is something to consider.

the return of Aly!  let’s face it, Finn comics doesn’t have enough females so i didn’t want to just lose Aly like that.  i think she’s highly interesting and there’s a lots more stories to be told.  hope you feel the same!

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all the reasons

ok, maybe the comic strip this week didn’t hit on the topic hard enough, but it’s a fairly common occurrence when friends within a circle start dating each other.  and to be honest, i don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing.  most of the time it leads to drama though and lots of talking behind each others back, which is very bad.  but in principle, you all are good friends for a reason, most likely because there’s lots of compatibility.  so, perhaps one friend didn’t work out but the next one will.  just be sure to break up for the right reasons!

did a little bit of zooming into the situation with the progression of the panels.  when i drew it, i actually had the first and second panels switched.  in photoshop editing, i decided to switch it because i wanted to give the feel of looking over them and watching this very private conversation.  then by the third panel, a more interesting angle to return it to the light-hardheartedness.

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traumatic memory

oh man, that’s got to be one of the most awkward situations – being around other people who are arguing.  when that happens, it’s time to look for any possible reason to leave that situation as quickly as possible!  but if you’re that couple having an argument that just can’t wait, what can you?  hopefully you’ve already weighed the cost of waiting to discuss this controversial topic and how awkward you’re going to make people who hear it.  but i think for the majority of situations, it’s much better to err on not having the argument in front of friends.

had fun drawing Park and Aly in various poses this week.  i especially liked how Park turned out on the last panel.  i found it hilarious!  any comments on the background?  i’m perfectly happy with the plain background but not sure if you (the reader) wanted more there.

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sometimes i feel like all the love songs i’ve grown up hearing has made me have an unrealistic vision of what a relationship should be like.  i mean, would you really cross a desert or go a thousand years without food or whatever ridiculous feat?  i’d like to think i would, i know right now in my heart i would, but would i really?  it’s like watching a torture scene in a movie and thinking, “hmm, i wonder how long i could hold out before giving in.”  so, not sure what my message would be for this week.  i do know i still love those ballads and would strive for that kind of a relationship.  and why not always strive for the best!

this week i introduce a green couch, a glass coffee table, and a fake face of effort!  also working the perspective a bit too.  what do you all think about the behind the head shots?  good or boring?

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you know

so, this strip starting started off with the concept of how sometimes women want something from men, but the men have no idea what it is they want.  sometimes this manifests itself with the guy saying, “i’m not a mindreader!”  but having said that, there’s something to be said about sending just a few minutes a day testing yourself a how in tune you are with what your partner needs.

the ideas for those crucial three inner panels could not have been done without the brainstorming jamming of Wheezy.  and i need to give credit to that Power Girl poster, based off of the famous poster by Adam Hughes.

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best of me

Idealist.  Realist.  Naive.  Soul mates.  Compatible-enough.  so many different words to describe how people feel about relationships.  and it seems like the only important thing is that the both of you are on the same page.  cause if you’re not, arguments are bound to happen where one of you get called one of those names, and it’s not said lovingly!  but no matter what you and your relationship are, something they all have in common is that you should always try your hardest.  let me say it a different way, your partner deserves the best possible version of you.  maybe not 24/7, but your partner should know the best you.

decided to play around with the word bubble a little bit this week.  i liked how it turned out because in the first panel, we’re focused on the dialogue, which keep the surprise for the second panel.  also, i had great intentions of using classic comic covers each of those comic books on the shelf.  but then i realized how long that would take.  boo.

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if the feedback is negative, it never feels good.  criticism, even if it’s true, and even if we’ve known about, it never feels good.  but maybe, it’s necessary.  maybe we to hear it from someone who cares about us so that we may catch ourselves next time.  but, it never feels good.  i wise person told me that with any feedback, just be open to it and don’t be defensive about it.  it may not be 100% accurate or true, but maybe even 5% of it is.  so, just sit back, be open, and take it.  cause i’m willing to bet, the person who’s giving us the feedback isn’t enjoying it either.  let’s make it easier for everybody cause we all care.

lots of fun to draw this week’s strip.  flipping to the more realistic style is always fun and presents new challenges.  and that last panel really portrayed what i was going for, a bit of a loving environment but still not enjoyable.

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