bat smile

let’s make a deal!  maybe before you ask someone out, you should ask yourself what you have to offer.  i’m not saying it’s a trade or anything, just that you should be aware of what you’re bring to the table.  the honest truth is, if you don’t have much to offer, maybe you should go back and work on that.  work on being confident, being alright being alone, and being just you.  go work on any past scars or luggage you’re carrying around and your next partner will be thankful for it.

i was really trying to transition that last panel into a totally different drawing style to reflect that is Finn drawing it, and not me.  but as soon as i made Batman smile, i had a hard time doing that.  it’s ok, still practicing.  the next several strips may get rougher and rougher.

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sending a signal

i always try to tie the comic strip to a specific aspect of a relationship.  this week, it’s gonna be a stretch.  i think it’s very important to know and really understand what the person you’re talking to is listening for.  don’t get me wrong, i hope your close friends and relationships truly listen to just hear you.  but i think more often than not, people you talk to are either preoccupied or have a predisposition.  so, to really get through to them, you’ve got to speak to them on their terms, sometimes in their language.  in this case, Finn was expressing himself when he should be doing what the rancher asked him to do.

and yeah, i just wanted to draw a giant bat symbol.

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sometimes it takes someone new

yikes, what happened?!  i swore i had a new Finn comic uploaded and ready for last Friday   turns out i forgot to upload it.  FAIL.  well, that means i get a one week reprieve!

this week Finn meets one of Ivy’s friend, Stacy.  i don’t know about you but i have mixed feelings these days meeting ‘new’ people.  don’t get me wrong, it’s always exhilarating and exciting to meet a new person, get to know their personality  and just learn about a totally different lifestyle and upbringing.  but, it’s so much work sometimes!  so much effort to ask questions and pay attention and all that stuff.  but every once in awhile, those chance encounters turns into something more, like a lasting friendship.

this week’s strip is all about setting the stage.  in the first panel, we have the classic introduction and establishing Finn reading a magazine.  the second panel has to zoom overhead to reveal the comic book, but also keep Stacy and Finn in frame for dialogue.  then in the last panel, it was important to get Stacy ‘close’ to Finn, which will segue into next week’s comic strip.

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you’re entitled to nothing

remember MySpace?  remember how you could rank your friends?  it was such a big deal back in the day where you were on someone’s list, and their life for that matter.  i’m actually thankful Facebook got rid of that practice.  what a cold-hearted list that was.  i mean, sure, if you’re high on the list, good for you.  but what if you thought you were high on their list only to see how really far down you rank?  and as much as it hurts, let’s face reality.  we can’t be everyone’s best friend.  we can’t be everybody else number one.  and that’s why i dislike people so much when they think they’re the center of the world and feel ‘entitled’ to be invited.  no friends, you should earn it.

even though this is a ‘comic’ strip and should be funny, i really enjoy the ones that just poignant.  (maybe that explains most of my strips?  haha.)  Calvin & Hobbes is my favorite comic strip, but i also read tons of Charlie Browns.  and half the time, they weren’t funny at all.  but reading how these little kids embodied such grown up dilemmas, well, i think it really opened my eyes at an early age.  i hope my comics do the same for people.

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ask yourself

there’s that phrase, “just put yourself in their shoes” and i think that’s great.  i’ve done that and it really helps to understand the other person’s perspective.  here’s another tactic i like to use, “what would <insert your role model’s name here> do?”  and before you ask, no, i never really ask what would Batman do!  but in the work place and when dealing with various types of people, i do find Picard’s leadership style quite useful.  but as for a relationship, i’m not sure who’s a good role model to have.  in all honestly, your best bet might be, “if she fell in love with me, then what would the ideal version of myself do?”

before you criticize, i swear i drew a decent looking Picard before!  for this strip, i did very rough outlines in pencil and then went straight to inking.  with Picard, that was straigh to ink with a 0.1 Copic multiliner!

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