best of me

Idealist.  Realist.  Naive.  Soul mates.  Compatible-enough.  so many different words to describe how people feel about relationships.  and it seems like the only important thing is that the both of you are on the same page.  cause if you’re not, arguments are bound to happen where one of you get called one of those names, and it’s not said lovingly!  but no matter what you and your relationship are, something they all have in common is that you should always try your hardest.  let me say it a different way, your partner deserves the best possible version of you.  maybe not 24/7, but your partner should know the best you.

decided to play around with the word bubble a little bit this week.  i liked how it turned out because in the first panel, we’re focused on the dialogue, which keep the surprise for the second panel.  also, i had great intentions of using classic comic covers each of those comic books on the shelf.  but then i realized how long that would take.  boo.

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