new hero

I’m getting ready for my upcoming jamm week (one week totally devoted to drawing!) and need to do some character designs. below is a hero main character I came up with. he’s supposed to e from another planet who has now adopted earth as his home, ala Superman. thoughts?


below are some if the steps I took to make this drawing. I start off with the basic form, usually from a live reference. then I do tighter pencils. for coloring, I used neutral gray copic sketch markers, starting with the lighter ones and working towards the darker shades. finally, I add in the busted up concrete to really give the character some weight.








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character design – Katniss Evergreen

i wrapped up the character sketches of HBO’s Game of Thrones last week and this week kicks off a new endeavor!  in conjuction with my jamm partner and animator extraordinaire, Wheezy, we’ll be doing character designs for the Hunger Games!  i think this is perfect timing as not many images from the upcoming movie has been released yet.  thsi will give us more creativity as to what these characters look like in our head.

first up is the main character herself, Katniss Everdeen.  now, i haven’t done much in costume design and it’s much harder than it looks.  i thought i could just draw some lines and boom, there’d be an awesome outfit.  but i found i had to do some research as to what archery gear there is and such.  anyways, below are some concepts for Katniss.

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