doesn’t take much

i think girls should walk up to guys more often.  i mean, seriously, how often does that happen?  ask any guy how often he’s had a girl walk up to him and just start a conversation.  i bet the answer would be not very many but they were probably positive memories.  now ask any girl how often they have initiated a conversation with a guy.  i think in this day and age, people should just talk!  chivalry and any other tradition should be held onto IF it helps the process of courting, not impede it.

so, i originally drew that third panel with a lot more shadows but after inking it, it just looked wrong.  i guess i just didn’t commit to that image.  so, i went in with Photoshop and removed it, so now it looks like Finn has like white gloves on or something.  also, i’m liking Finn’s ability to wear different style shirts these days!

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place to see

i’ve never been to Austin, Texas, but i hear so many good things about it.  the majority of the comments have to do with their culture and how out front they are when it comes to new artistic movements.  the other comments i hear is how in the span of just 20, 30 years, Austin reinvented itself into what we know it as today.  considering how long it takes for change to happen sometimes, i find it amazing that a city has gone from being on the brink of bankruptcy to a thriving mecca of art and culture.  i tip my hat to you, city of Austin.

so, i did it again.  i drew an entire strip before i had the punchline! i know, i know, it’s a horrible thing to do.  so, before i draw this next one, i’m gonna layout the next several comic strips in hopes of actually being funny in my ‘comic’ strips.

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so, hopefully we’re not going to the extreme of rating our dates (even though there are sites for that!) but i know most people do (and should?) talk about it with your friends afterwards.  i say should because i think a second opinion on how you did and/or having the other person take note of what works and what doesn’t is great.  i learned years ago hogging onto information is no way to live at work.  so, why not translate that into the social scene as well and divulge what works and what doesn’t work to your friends?  it feels like we’re all in this together anyways, let’s make the most of it!

very happy with the concept for this one.  turning the simple silhouette into something a lot more detailed, yet, dare i say, simple!  not sure if the cityscape in the background turned out great, but that’s what happens with you’re crunched for time!

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i find it interesting how people perceive things and then make it fit within their reality of understanding.  it’s not like any one of us has the totally correct perspective on everything, and i think that’s why it’s so great to have lots of friends who have different viewpoints but enough commonality to understand each other.  i mean, it’s hard to relate to someone when they’re way out there, right?  how can you trust that person to correctly understand your story?  then again, maybe you’re the one with the distorted perspective and your friend has it right!  oh snap!

playing with the perspective some more, which i think turned out really nice.  and instead of just a plain background in the third panel with the silhouette, added some color to spice it up.  also, a shout-out to my friend chibar’s webcomic Life Items, coming soon!

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elle, finn, and ivy

did this awhile back and finally getting around to posting it.  this is the first step i do, which is just pencils.  the next couple steps, inking, scanning, coloring, touch-ups, and maybe lettering are all challenging in their own ways, but as an artist, this is still my favorite step!

as i was drawing this, i knew i wanted to draw real-life finn sitting in the center, flanked by elle and ivy.  i always have a hard time creating backdrops, so i just stole this one from where i was sitting, at a starbucks coffee shop.  the lighting apparatus was a google image find and the ottoman was actually from my house.  (love ottomans!)  now, the painting in the background was something spontaneous.  i knew the backdrop needed something, but obviously not to dramatic as to overwhelm the foreground.  so, to drive home the point of elle, finn, and ivy, i just drew their comic strip version.  i loved the way it turned out, and hope you do too!

pencils first!

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