date package – step 3

here we have it, the last and very important step to any date – the closing.  not sure many people take advantage of this moment, but it could pay back huge dividends if done right.  and it’s a probably very nervous time, but you just gotta step up and do something amzing, that way they’ll have something to remember you by – a lasting impression.  the only thing you gotta we careful about is not to be, well, weird.  keep it simple, like a nice present or a nice compliment.  i’d avoid references to battlestar galatica.

artwork, it’s such a huge help to have life models to go from, from body movements to background at, like the jeep in this week’s strip.  i was reading about Marvel’s foray into the motion comic scene (not exactly animated) with thier first comic, spider woman, with art by Alex Maleev.  he actually has a huge library of pictures of building and backgrounds that he draws and photshops from.  and then he actually hires a model so he can draw poses from her.  awesome.

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date package – step 2

last week’s strip on step one of a date was dinner, which is probably the easiest aspect of a date.  the next step gets real tricky, which is an event.  it’s important to move your date from location to location to establish memories together, which causes a sense of duration together.  but what do you pick for an event?  sometimes it’s driven by what your city/town offers but sometimes you can get creative and make something up yourself!  maybe make it a world of warcraft night!  ok, i’m so kidding with that last statement – do not do that on your date!

pretty happy how that theatre guy turned out with his colonial wig and ruffly shirt.  and not so sure about owen behind that fence, but i think it gets the point across.  🙂

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date package – part 1

for the next few weeks, we’ll be dissecting something i call the date package.  the first element is usually dinner.  and especially for a first date, the dinner venue is a pretty important decision because it’ll set the stage for the conversation.  therefore, what do you want out of dinner?  are looking for that deep conversation or maybe something really light and social.  maybe you’re more comfortable in a certain setting.  i would venture to say there’s only two ground rules – first dinner date prob shouldn’t be at your house and don’t forget your wallet!

had some fun basically drawing three different settings in one strip.  usually i’m thinking of one type of scenary and how to propel the story in it.  on a different note, my favorite artist jim lee has a video of him drawing a character under 8 minutes, and wow, it is impressive.  (don’t worry, the videois fast forwarded and lasts only 2 minutes or so.)

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