bat smile

let’s make a deal!  maybe before you ask someone out, you should ask yourself what you have to offer.  i’m not saying it’s a trade or anything, just that you should be aware of what you’re bring to the table.  the honest truth is, if you don’t have much to offer, maybe you should go back and work on that.  work on being confident, being alright being alone, and being just you.  go work on any past scars or luggage you’re carrying around and your next partner will be thankful for it.

i was really trying to transition that last panel into a totally different drawing style to reflect that is Finn drawing it, and not me.  but as soon as i made Batman smile, i had a hard time doing that.  it’s ok, still practicing.  the next several strips may get rougher and rougher.

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breathe, just breathe

definitely one of the biggest turn-offs when first meeting someone, especially if it’s a first date, is when one person does all the talking!  and it could definitely be the guy or the girl that is the culprit!  i mean, it’s ok to talk about yourself, since we should be learning about each other.  but, how about throwing me some questions too?  or if i’m finally talking and telling a story, how about asking me some follow up questions?  i’d like to think i’m interesting too.

in regards to the artwork, i had quite a challenge with this week’s.  in the first panel, i was trying to go for a wide angle perspective shot that makes it seems like the room is curved.  but instead, i think the art made it so that the room really is curved!  for the second panel, i had to do a photoshop correction to Remy’s silhouette walking off.  i had drawn his legs too forward so the center of gravity didn’t make sense at all.  luckily, i was art jamming with Wheezy and he caught the error of my ways!

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this is why

ahh, the beautiful joy of learning about each other.  it’s like those moments on a first date you’re listening so intently and learning all sorts of new things about each other.  at the same time, you’re making constant judgments on whether or not this person could be the one.  fast forward several years, and i think there is still so much to learn about each other.  but somewhere along the way we lose track and started taking things for granted.  we believe we know all that is important about the other person.  but what about the details?  it’s a constant challenge within myself to not take things for granted and keep the curiosity up!

this week i start a short story arc focusing on just finn and elle.  i mean, we’ve been with them in their relationship for quite awhile, but why are they in love?  how do they make it last?  i think it’s important, like other aspect of the comic, to make it realistic and relevant.  and artwork-wise, i’m getting bolder trying to cut down time and actually went straight to inks for the background after very rough pencils.

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big deal

the embarrassment that comes from an unchecked fart has got to be overwhelming.  and i would imagine it’s happened to almost everyone at one point or another.  so, how do we deal with it?  most likely by turning a shade of red and/or running to the exit!  this here highlights an extreme end of what could go wrong.  but undoubtedly, some sort of faux pas or embarrassment is going to happen on a date.  so, the key to minimizing that embarrassment is how to glide through it.  and if you’re dating the right person, they won’t make a big deal out of it.

i liked the use of the panel layouts for this strip.  i feel it conveys the intimate nature of the evening with the silhouettes and the up-close face shots gets you right into finn’s head.  i forgot how i used to get so experimental with the panels.

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once upon a time

ok, hear me out!  this strip may be inspired by a true story, but cases like this are probably not that normal.  what is normal though is in the course of dating or getting to know anyone, we’re going to hear stories told by them.  the goal is by listening to the story, we hope to learn something of interest about that person.  we then take that data and make a determination of some sort, such as we now like that person more or we are now repulsed by it.  all i’m saying is keep that in mind when you’re telling a story!  keep it short if you know your audience has a short attention span, or go into the relevant detail if it’ll add or make the story more exciting.  and of course, be careful of what story you’re telling and what it says about you!

one of the things i like about my cast of characters is the diversity.  the goal of the strip in general is not so much to explore the differences in culture, but actually the similarity of dating and relationships despite any background.  so, with Ace’s date, i tried to go for a more ethnic background, perhaps Native American or Indian.  i say perhaps because i never really made up my mind!

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tell me it isn’t so

it’s that person your friend is dating that you just don’t like.  it could be a number of reasons, anything from he’s just not right for her or he’s just a total jerk.  the question is , what can you do about it?  do you go ahead and express how you feel and risk alienating your friend?  or do you keep quiet and hope nature plays itself out correctly?  of course, you run the risk of them going long-term and then you’re really stuck with this person!  i’ve taken a poll amongst friends and surprisingly, the consensus is you just gotta keep your mouth shut!  not sure if i agree though…

this week’s strip took forever to color and i’m still not sure i’m entirely happy with the color scheme.  i was definitely trying to go for more detail and really give a vision for the entire room but coloring each spec really took some time, and it still doesn’t quite have the style i want.  by hey, practice makes perfect!

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easy decision

what is the right thing to do here?  what if you’re dating someone and you know most likely that it isn’t going to work out long term, do you break up when you’re reasonably sure or do you just continue dating?  if you have no other potential interests, why not continue dating because who knows what may happen.  maybe something will spark and all of a sudden, he/she’s the perfect mate!  but, if you continue dating, is it considered stringing them along?  i believe this question applies equally to both sexes, by the way!  i think the point you absolutely have to break up with the person is if you know he/she thinks the relationship is going one way and you know it’s going the other.  you owe it to the other person to be honest.  if you don’t, that’s how crazy ex’s are created!

had some good fun drawing this week’s strip, with the dancing and some perspective angles from the couch.  also, i’m still trying to take some of Bill Watterson’s advice (which i read from Nevin Martell’s Looking for Calvin and Hobbes), which is create a situation, then allow your characters to deal and react to it.  i agree, it turns out much more organic and easy to write.

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true motivation

what do you do when the person you’re dating says, “i’m just not looking for anything serious?”  in my opinion, that’s a total excuse for not saying, “i’m just not that interested in you, for any number of reasons, but this sounds much better.”  i think if you’re interested enough, you’ll probably hang out and continue dating, in hopes of changing his or her mind.  and you know what, i’m rooting for you.  i do hope things work out for you but at the same time, you’ve got to build in that layer of protection so that you don’t get too hurt and can walk away from it if need be.

scarlet hair!  you can’t beat that!  and i love the borderless first panel!  stay tuned though, the next three weeks should be exciting as i prepare for my second year at Orlando’s MegaCon event, where i’ll be sporting a booth again!

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