ok, so i get preachy in my comic strips sometimes.  this week it’s that classic lesson to avoid being materialistic and just enjoy the beauty in life.  i say this while i’m typing on my laptop, with my iPad charging while my iPhone streams music to my bluetooth enabled wireless speakers.  am i a hypocrite?  maybe, but i definitely enjoy my amenities and i do try to enjoy the simple pleasures in life.  maybe i need to do the latter more often.

i’m back with another borderless comic strip!  this week’s challenge was to create that sense of them walking through the entire house and arriving at the jaw-dropping gorgeous scenery.  i’m pretty happy with the way it turned out, especially with all of their body languages.  i need to work on the dog’s anatomy and the line variations more though.

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surreal style

every once in a long, long time, life gets surreal.  it’s like you just stepped outside of your normal life into something so weird yet so beautiful.  all you can do is hang out, and enjoy it while it lasts.  eventually, the real world takes over and you’re back to the routine.  not saying it’s good or bad, just different.  look for those moments and enjoy it.

i was going for a trifecta with three strips of no borders, but i broke down and have this one some structure.  i was challenging myself with that first panel and going for that super bright sunlight in the background that gives off that surreal ‘angel’ look while Finn is stunned.  also forgive me on that last panel, i was going for an awesome looking mansion and was winging it!

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internal voices please

do you ever find yourself talking to yourself?  maybe in the mirror?  or in the car when you’re alone?  well, that’s just weird.  ok, i’m just kidding.  i think i do it but usually using my internal voice.  i run lots of scenarios through my head and sometimes find myself putting myself in other people’s shoes.  what would it really be like to be in that person’s life right now?  i bring this all up because i think we need that alone time to really think things through.  i think we need alone time to give our brain time to work through issues.  also, it gives us time to take a step back and see what all is really important in life and how far or close we are to it.

i’m reading a really great book by Will Eisner called Comics and Sequential Art: Principles and Practices from the Legendary Cartoonist.  in it, Eisner really breaks down the planning on panels and how they can be used.  i was blown away by the fact that he had thought about really inventive ways to use the comic art form 60 years ago and artists today are still learning from it.  absolutely amazing.  anyways, in it, i learned about borderless panels and what it can do for you.  i’m not saying i’m using it correctly here, but i wanted to give it a try.  the only true border you’re working with is the piece of paper itself.

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a stray dog and an aimless Finn.  ever since the beginning of this year, i’ve sent Finn off on adventures in hopes of learning more about himself, and who he wants to be.  here we are, in the middle of October, and is Finn any closer to understanding who he is?

i’ve read about how as an amateur artist, you should only post artwork you are proud of, and at the same time not get stuck on any one piece of work for too long.  today i present to you a piece of work that i’m not all that proud of, but i felt i should display it anyways.  i guess it’s my way of saying not everyday will get better.  some days you’re just not happy.

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