dr. sketchy in december

after a frustrating session last month at dr. sketchy’s (just wasn’t happy with my art quality), we return this month with a model in burlesque!  as always we start off with very rough, very quick 30 second sketches.

it should be mentioned this month i’m lucky enough to be drawing next to the Kevin Chibar of Life Items Comics and Dan Weiland of Dan Animation.  next, one minute sketches.  ouch.

finally, we get to the 5 minute sketches, which allows me to get somewhere.

now, this 10 minute sketch was getting fun.  i was trying to stretch myself with this session to not just draw what i was seeing, but to start flexing more into my own style, try to elaborate or exaggerate the model.  i definitely didn’t get anywhere close to what i was envisioning but hey, it’s a start!

for the contest this month (where you have to draw the model and incorporate a theme), the theme is gremlin snowmen?!  so, not sure if i got it across in my sketch, but i was trying to make the model the snowman and the gremlins are making her.

and we end the night with a few more 15 minute sketches.  thanks for reading and hope you enjoy!

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dr. sketchy in november

J Scott Campbell eat your heart out – this month’s Dr. Sketchy features the Jessica Steele Allen as the amazing agent Danger Girl! i ordered some plum wine, got my drawing utensils out, and i’m ready… starting with the 30 second poses.

this was quickly followed by 1 minute poses. i should mention, this sketching event is awesome, all created by Molly Crab Apple.

next level, 5 minute increments.  i’ll mention here sketchy is almost more fun with a drawing buddy.  in this case, we get the very talented Kevin Chibar, of lifeitems.com.

here’s when my drawing starts to lose something.  i started off the night strong but to me, it started getting hard just to draw what i was seeing, much less adding my creative style to it.  below we begin the 10 minute per pose.

as with every Dr. Sketchy, there’s a contest to draw the model interacting with whatever topic the audience picks!  and you guess it, this month is octopus!  (and i’ll go ahead and take credit for suggesting that awesome idea!).

and we end of the night with s 10 minute sketch and i am burnt out!

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dr. sketchy in october

this month’s Dr. Sketchy features a pretty authentic Ghostbuster and their secretary, just in time for Halloween!  as always, we start off with some 30 second sketches to get the hand warmed up.  then we move on to some 1 minutes sketched, shown below, done in a Copic brush marker.


next we move on to some 5 minutes sketches.  part of my goal for this sessions was to use more blacks, more shading.  really try to make the sketch more dramatic.


and onward to the 10 minute sketches!  doesn’t look like much below but  did a rough pencil sketch first, and inked it over to get a better proportion in the drawing.


below, i decided to go entirely with an old school pencil with a somewhat dull tip.  what a change going from the unforgiving black ink to pencil where pressure shading is so easy!  and yes, she’s holding a Ghostbuster gun!


the contest theme for tonight was to incorporate killer appliances into the sketch.  first off, i had grand plans for this one!  i’m talking fridges, stoves, dishwashers, dryers, everything!  but with only 15 minutes to work with, i did a rough pencil sketch, and went quickly to inks.  but in the end, all i could muster was a lil toaster!  this picture earned me runner-up for the night!


and finally, we close out the night with 2 – 10 minute sketches.  for this one, i intentionally did not make it pretty.  i wanted to draw every line i saw on the guy.  every shadow, every feature.  it’s a bit of re-training the eyes to see what’s really there, not what i expect to be there.  quite liberating.


pretty happy with the last one as i decided to fill in that black shadow box and use white-out to draw in those eyes!


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dr. sketchy in august

so, i had my second experience of Dr. Sketchy last night at Tatame Sake Lounge.  despite showing up an hour and a half early (misinformation from their website!), i got myself a great seat and wait till start time.  tonight’s subject was dressed in Arabian attire (i think) and adorned with tons of jewelry and decorations.  as like last time, it starts off with 30 second and 1 minute sketches, as shown below.


then we moved on to some 2 minute sketches, which significantly helped calm the nerves!  oh yeah, i was using Copic sketch Special Black 110.


next, we did some 5 minutes sketches, and i decided to try something new with the Copic multi-liner 0.03.  the attempt here was to get some seriously thin lines with one long stroke (no double-backing!).


not sure if all Dr. Sketchy’s do this, but then we had a competition where we still sketch the girl, but we have to incorporate something weird from the audience.  tonight the random topic was snake.  the winner is chosen by the model and won a Avatar, the last airbender animation book.  pretty cool prize, alas, i was blown away by the other people.  quite a humbling experience.


lastly, we ended the night with some 15 minutes sketches.  at this point, i started getting pretty frustrated my drawing weren’t unique enough.  it didn’t have enough style.  i felt like a lot of the other artists were incorporating their styles and not just drawing what they saw.  so, here are some finn styles!


thanks for listening and hope you enjoy the sketches!

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dr. sketchy in july

so, i went to this sketching event last night called Dr. Sketchy.  once a month, at this sake/tea lounge, they have a model come, dressed in sometimes wacky, but always interesting outfits.  they start off with 1 minute poses, then 5 minutes, 10 minutes, and finally 15 minutes.  so for two hours, this sake lounge is packed with artists just sketching what they see.  (there were some photographers too.)  i gotta say, it was a lot of fun and that two hours just flew by!  i’ll try to make it every month and take a real picture so you can compare my sketches to the real model.  for this month though, you’ll just to have to believe me my sketches are dead on!

Dr. Sketchy




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