the time please

i’ve probably covered this in a previous comic strip’s commentary, but i’ll say it again here.  that it’s worthwhile to do a drive just by yourself, perhaps with no destination in mind.  perhaps for you it’s going for a jog for no pre-determined distance.  every once in a while, it might be nice to leave the watch at home, not have your cell phone or be anywhere near a wall clock.  it’s ok to lose yourself and to lose track of the multiple balls that you’re juggling in the air.  but only every once in a long while!

really enjoyed drawing this week’s comic strip.  i struggled quite a bit to get the five panels to fit together with the common road but because of the angles i wanted, it didn’t come out as great as i thought it would.  plus i feel stuck drawing so realistically.  even years later drawing a comic strip, i have trouble with exaggeration!

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new beginnings

welcome to the new year’s!  i hope you had a great holidays with your loved ones.  and i’d also like to take the time to say thank you to you for (still) reading this comic strip.  i started drawing Finn back in December of 2007 as simply a means to keep my regularly producing new artwork.  years later, i find myself still enjoying drawing the character and see my art skills have (hopefully) improved.  thanks for sticking with me on this journey and i hope you enjoy what i have in store for this new year.  heck, i hope Finn does too!

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hey! keep it low!

first off, let me quickly apologize for any confusion last week.  i am indeed still making finn comic strips and just didn’t get around to adding a commentary blog to the strip last week.

for this week, i talk about all the anticipation and excitement associated with going on vacation with friends.  it’s one of the greatest feelings, composed of positive energy and the hype of great memories.  and most of the time, it does go spectacularly well but maybe once in awhile, we hype it up too much and the event wasn’t as fun as we thought.  so, i think Ace has a point when he says to keep the expectations manageable.  perhaps another analogy is like going to the movies, keep the expectations a little lower and you’ll prob walk out of it a bit happier.  (except for the Fast & Furious or Resident Evil movies.)

i admit, this was a last minute job creating this week’s strip.  even then, i’m pretty happy with the front and back perspectives.  compared to some similar shots i did a long time ago on finn, i think this one is better!  now to decide where they’re driving to…

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