how could i forget you

i’ve always been fascinated with the presence a person makes.  i like people watching, especially observing leaders (from world leaders to people to who lead meetings to characters in movies).  i’ve noticed little things they do that i’ll call a trend that leaders do.  for example, they usually come to meeting right on time – not early and not late.  just on time.  also, they usually do not take notes or barely bring anything with them.  i’ve also found depending on how charismatic that person is, determines if that person comes off as effective or a prick.  how does this discussion relate back to today’s comic strip?  i think first impressions count.  i encourage you to work on your first impression.

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feels good to finally get some closure.  i know not all relationships that end warrant this kind of civil discussion, especially not right away.  i would think that if you had the opportunity though, even years later, it might be worth your time.  even though we’ve probably changed and grown quite a bit since, there’s probably still something to learn upon reflection.  if you’re dating someone right now, make sure they’re ok with it before you reach out to your past!

that quote came from Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth (1989) by Grant Morrison and art by Dave McKean.  i’m pretty proud of this week’s strip.  it’s not very often the final product actually comes out the way i wanted it to.  i used Copic markers to get the tree backgrounds.

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i understand.

i remember back in high school taking Chemistry.  the teacher was explaining how  rotated at certain orbits around the nucleus, and how elements could combine when they were both missing the right electrons at the right orbit.  in order to make sense of all this, i had to picture in my head what was going on.  turns out, years later, what i pictured was totally wrong!  the point is even if it’s not true, if you can explain it to yourself AND it makes sense, just go with it.  i feel like sometimes to make life understandable, you just have to make up some stories.

well, i’m back to the talking heads in this strip.  i found while i was drawing them, just the face and the hands carry so much of the character’s emotion.  everything else (i.e. the arms, shirt, neck, etc.) just simply fall into place.

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this just in

what do you do when you get a huge piece of new information?  are you cool as a cucumber and nothing gets you too worked up?  or does the slightest change send you in a tailspin?  there’s no right or wrong, just what you want to be and what you currently are.  just take it as a data point and if you’re far from what you envision yourself, then well, it might be time to do something about it.  either change what you think you should be, or start practicing that new you.

this week’s story dropped a bombshell!  then again, most of you guessed.  hey, i never said story writing was my strong suit.  and from the looks of this week’s art, neither are backgrounds!  have no fear, the return of some higher quality art returns next week.  i’m currently building up my backlog again and i work much better without a deadline.

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first off, i never said this comic strip would be funny.  sorry for all the seriousness, but i do have some fun strips planned in the future.

this week we revisit a common theme in finn comics, which is the concept that love is sometimes a matter of timing.  whether it is one person is a relationship not ready to take it to the next level or meeting someone awesome but you’re already in a relationship, sometimes timing is the only thing standing in the way.  what could’ve happened if you were both ready to take it to the take level?  or if you met that person, you were single and able to do something about it?  perhaps life is comprised of all these near misses, like asteroids flying about the universe and none of the big ones hit Earth.  (except for the one that wiped out the dinosaurs!)

what do you think about the background?  not sure if it makes sense or not.  i was trying to be artistic and so something different with the trees in the far off distance yet show a patch of dark grass stuff around the bench.  only proves i really need to work on my backgrounds.

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thinking past

it feels like i used to have more time back then to reflect on things.  whether it was being in the gym longer or more music during car rides, i felt like i had ample time to think about life and all the small nuances of it.  life just seems to get more busy all the time, so there’s probably an art to simplifying it.  maybe it’s through these small moments of reflection that we distill life into the basics, allowing us to see what’s important and not.  and if life is too busy, it keeps getting busier because we haven’t had time to think about it.  life creep.

in the first panel, i used a new white ink pen i found online.  it looks great when you first apply it because it’s so white, but after it dries, it’s not quite as white and the black behind it makes it look more gray than anything.  in any case, a fun pen with silky smooth ink that just flows.   found using white out (although it gave a whiter white) a bit cumbersome to use.  with the last panel, i thought i’d throw in a little color to punch it up some.  pow!

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from the flames

there’s just nothing pretty or pleasant about a break-up, especially for a long term relationship like what Finn and Elle had.  from the excitement of starting a new relationship, to the routine of an established relationship, and now to the end of one, i believe Finn has grown so much from it all.  and i think that’s the mark of a worthwhile relationship – one that we can grow as a person from.  i’ve always believed it’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.  even if it hurts.

i really liked how this strip turned out, from the scattering of panels to the fetal position image of Finn.  i was worried that in panel 5, Elle didn’t look attractive enough.  but then i thought, who of us cries pretty?!  i tried to pick background colors that sorta represented the mood of the panel, from the angry red shout to dark gray in tone.  then the upside side Finn, curled in fetal position, with the audience witnessing him from above.  i wanted the audience to have a bird’s eye view of Finn feeling the effects of his entire world shifted and there’s nothing he can do about it right now.

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you knew it

does that ever happen to you?  that precise moment when the light bulb flips on and this giant revelation finally dawns on you?  i gotta be honest, it doesn’t happen to me.  but, it so awesome when it happens in stories!  it might be because as a viewer, you’ve probably realized it awhile ago and it’s fun to witness the character realize it themselves finally.  so, have you followed along Finn long enough to see this coming too?  how do you feel about the Finn and Elle relationship?

ok, don’t ask me what art style i’m doing here.  i know it’s jarring sometimes to see me go from a detailed art style like in panel 1 to a cartoonish one, like in panel 4.  but i’m just having fun.  you can expect a lot more of that in next year’s Finn strips.  my art will no longer be shackled down!

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don’t count

so, we build on last week’s strip and we are knee-deep into this argument.  i don’t know about many of you out there, but i’ve consistently had a problem of just ‘letting go’ after an argument.  i mean, after such a traumatic, emotional experience can i simply move on and quickly and easily?  but i’ve also learned that for a long term relationship to have the best chance of survival, having a short term memory like i do also helps!  my advice, learn to forget often!

so, as i finished drawing this strip, i asked my frequent art-jamm partner for his thoughts.  so Kevin of asked me what art style am i drawing in these days.  my response was in whatever style i felt like for the week.  i guess my point is my art style is continually changing as i hoped it would, so you may see fluctuations in Finn for awhile to come.

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some honesty

i think i wrote about this a long time ago, but it deserves repeating.  i was reading an article out of a guy’s magazine and the point of it was that open honesty in every facet of the relationship is not a good thing.  honesty is a great thing, but we’ve got to be super careful on what to share.  honest about every detail about you and your past relationships?  nah.  honest about the major issues with your past relationship?  yeah.  i know today’s strip deals with a topic that yes, you should be honest about.  in fact, Finn should’ve been proactive about this before waiting until it got to this point.

so, i made this strip like over 2 months ago.  back then, i thought it was great.  but looking at it again with fresh eyes i see all my errors.  in the first panel, the background needs to distinguish the ground to the background, cause it looks like Elle is floating in mid-air!  and in that last panel, although Finn’s body pose looks great, that facial expression is just weird.  hopefully next week’s will be better!

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