you knew it

does that ever happen to you?  that precise moment when the light bulb flips on and this giant revelation finally dawns on you?  i gotta be honest, it doesn’t happen to me.  but, it so awesome when it happens in stories!  it might be because as a viewer, you’ve probably realized it awhile ago and it’s fun to witness the character realize it themselves finally.  so, have you followed along Finn long enough to see this coming too?  how do you feel about the Finn and Elle relationship?

ok, don’t ask me what art style i’m doing here.  i know it’s jarring sometimes to see me go from a detailed art style like in panel 1 to a cartoonish one, like in panel 4.  but i’m just having fun.  you can expect a lot more of that in next year’s Finn strips.  my art will no longer be shackled down!

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what is it

there’s no right answer to the question posed, what do you look for in a relationship, but we can probably all agree on some basics, like love, loyalty, trust, etc.  what about excitement?  i’m not talking each and everyday has to be super exciting and a thrill ride, but does the thought of spending time with your significant other make you excited or dread it? that’s probably a tell-tell sign on what you need to do in your relationship.  i tried to use this question when i’m doing chores too, but that just ends up with me doing nothing.

oh man, i was THAT close to not coloring this week’s strip cause i’m running out of time.  i think i’ve decided starting next week, Finn comics will no longer be in color.  going back 3 years now, the whole reason i started Finn was to keep regular with my artwork, so when i think about it, coloring is just not fun for me.  i’d rather spend more time on penciling and inking, which is something i do want to get better at.

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