what is this all about?

i wonder how many of you all out there have had such a journey or moment n life, when you experienced a new level of insight and self-awareness.  i don’t think it happens too often, but i think you have to both paying attention and open to it, for it to actually change you.  for me, i find myself all too often running between event 1 to event 3 and onward to event 50 before i catch my breath.  but when i do, when i choose to take a moment for myself, boy do i feel great!

it’s back to the “talking heads” type comic strip!  when Watterson had to do these, he’d put Calvin & Hobbes in a toboggan and send them over a hill crashing.  for me, i’m working on body expressions and gestures.  hope you like it!

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so, i’m literally being a bad host right now.  i have friends in town in the next room, with other friends who came to hang out, and they’re all just chilling and watching a game.  that is going on, while i’m finishing up my comic strip which is about being happy at home.  and it couldn’t be more true than right now.  with a beautiful wife, great friends, and all under the same roof just hanging out.  as busy as life gets, it’s these moments that matter.

considering this is a same day drawing and straight to inks background, i’m pretty happy with it!  those trees need to be a bit more detailed though.

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