well, this is it folks, time for a new beginning for Finn and his upcoming adventures.  today, we say goodbye to a cast of characters that has been with Finn throughout for several years now.  Ace, representing the part of Finn that has the confidence and charisma for any situation.  Remy, the part of Finn that’s in touch with his inner self.  Alex, the academic and knowledgeable aspect of Finn.  Owen, the hands-on, no non-sense kind of man.  and Ivy, the ever-present part of Finn that is vain and selfish.  without them, his friends, Finn would’ve been nothing.  from here on out, we’ll see what the future brings!

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oh, how far we go sometimes to impress people, especially someone we have a crush on.  from buying new clothes to getting a fresh haircut, what it really does and what’s really important is how it boosts our self-confidence.  i definitely get that little boost whenever i’m wearing a new comic book shirt.  so, is that wrong?  that new stuff and what’s on the outside really makes that much of a difference to how i feel?  i don’t think so.  i don’t think there’s anything wrong with trying to impress people.  but to keep it in perspective, the self-confidence i feel should be naturally derived from being just who i am around those people i love.

i usually try to refrain from making jokes based around anything too niche, but c’mon, who doesn’t know about Magic: The Gathering?!  and i def like the way Ivy’s new shirt turned out with her pose.  i’m starting to think Alex needs a new shirt design though.  any ideas?

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around the bend

so, how good are any of us on “picking up signals?”  so many little nuances that could imply a person likes another person.  but then again, so often we read into what we want to see.  so, between those two facts, you can almost never be totally certain unless you just straight ask out the person.  but maybe that’s not the point.  maybe the entire point is in the chase, in the anticipation, and in the speculation.  i mean, it’s just so much fun talking about the possibilities and trying to understand what all those little hints mean!  therefore, as frustrating as it is, it’s also an excuse to grab dinner with friends and just talk.

pretty happy with the first pose of Ivy portraying the timid-but-i-have-something-to-say but perhaps i should do more with that last panel.  perhaps have the couch/chair fully rotate so the strip take you on a walk around it sorta.  and just fyi, he’s reading Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale’s Long Halloween.  a classic.

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don’t float away

i wonder how celebrities can stay grounded in reality and remain humble.  can you imagine having agents, fans, family – literally everybody bending over backwards just to please you?  in that environment, it would be so easy to just succumb to the god-worship and live it up!  at the same time, it would be virtually impossible to know who really likes you for who you are, and not just your fame, fortune, or looks.  take that down a notch, and i would venture to say those who are richer, better looking, more connected, whatever – get a taste of that lifestyle.  that’s why it’s important for everybody to go back to basics – be nice and stay humble.

lately the strips have been focused on individual characters, and i think this one really gets to the heart of Ivy.

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when to tell

as we explore the concept of dating multiple people with our playa persona Ace, we come to a decision we need to make pretty quickly…i think.  i think it’s a little ambiguous as to what society believes is an appropriate amount of time before you must tell them you’re dating multiple people.  is it one month or 3 dates or never?  (i would imagine most people would want it to be never!)  but let’s put the spotlight of us for a second.  i mean, how long does it really take to determine initially if you’re compatible with a person?  also, how long does it take to figure out which one you’re more excited about?  all i’m saying is this isn’t something to loiter with.  this is real life emotions and this is how baggage gets created!

i feel like my artwork is steadily increasing but the storylines have been a struggle lately.  someone wrote to me awhile ago expressing, “curious where this strip is heading.”  to be honest, i’m ok with it not going anywhere.  i had envisioned finn to not be like For Better or For Worse by Lynn Johnston, where all her characters grow up, have kids, etc.  i’m ok with it being more like my idol, Calvin & Hobbes where you’re taken away to a place where time stands still and you can soak in the situation.

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what do you do?!  actually, what can you do?  you have a friend that just consistently falls for the wrong person and keeps seeing illusions about that person – what can you do.  there is that school of philosophy that says as a friend, all you can do and should so is be there for them, listen, and hope one day they find happiness.  then there’s the other end of the spectrum that has you meddling in their affair and becoming way too involved.  and if handled the wrong way, you may end up losing that friend.  that’s why i suggest making friends with only smart people.  and hot ones.  haha.

ok, i don’t know about you but i found this strip pretty funny!  i’m not even sure the peacock makes sense!  perhaps a better choice would’ve been a wolf wearing sheep’s clothing.  and i don’t think i did panel 2 justice.  i wanted to convey finn jumping over the counter as if to stop ivy from making another poor decision.  but then i thought it was too much.

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i find it interesting how people perceive things and then make it fit within their reality of understanding.  it’s not like any one of us has the totally correct perspective on everything, and i think that’s why it’s so great to have lots of friends who have different viewpoints but enough commonality to understand each other.  i mean, it’s hard to relate to someone when they’re way out there, right?  how can you trust that person to correctly understand your story?  then again, maybe you’re the one with the distorted perspective and your friend has it right!  oh snap!

playing with the perspective some more, which i think turned out really nice.  and instead of just a plain background in the third panel with the silhouette, added some color to spice it up.  also, a shout-out to my friend chibar’s webcomic Life Items, coming soon!

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tell me it isn’t so

it’s that person your friend is dating that you just don’t like.  it could be a number of reasons, anything from he’s just not right for her or he’s just a total jerk.  the question is , what can you do about it?  do you go ahead and express how you feel and risk alienating your friend?  or do you keep quiet and hope nature plays itself out correctly?  of course, you run the risk of them going long-term and then you’re really stuck with this person!  i’ve taken a poll amongst friends and surprisingly, the consensus is you just gotta keep your mouth shut!  not sure if i agree though…

this week’s strip took forever to color and i’m still not sure i’m entirely happy with the color scheme.  i was definitely trying to go for more detail and really give a vision for the entire room but coloring each spec really took some time, and it still doesn’t quite have the style i want.  by hey, practice makes perfect!

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