know what you say

now, i might be reaching here but do you know that one person that maybe you shouldn’t have told something to?  and as soon as you told that person you kinda regretted it?  cause they’ll either embellish the heck out of the story or tell the whole world about it.  but, they’re the ones that makes life kinda interesting.  they’re the ones with all the crazy stories.  of course, there might come a day when you have to cut that person out of your life because of the liability.  until then, enjoy your friend and just be careful what you say.

for this strip, i wasn’t sure if it was better to do a separate panel for the merchandise booth gag or like what i did above, which is just a single panel but around the corner of a storefront.  after some cartooning advice by Chibar, who runs the Life Items webcomic, i went with the latter.  any thoughts?

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