Johnny’s top movies of 2016!

like my friend @AkaDimiX, i enjoy the year end list of top whatevers.  the only one i care about really are the top movies, so without further a du…

  1. Arrival – great story and visuals.  i’ve seen a lot of sci-fi movies and this movie managed to give me something different.
  2. Hell or High Water – dubbed a modern western, i thought it hit all the marks of a western really well and transported me to that lifestyle for a moment in time.
  3. Rogue One – despite all the hype and an origin story i wasn’t all too thrilled about, the movie definitely delivers.
  4. The Accountant – the premise is a bit hokey but Ben Affleck gives a great performance that mixes in humor just at the right moments.
  5. Captain America: Civil War, Deadpool, Doctor Strange, Batman V. Superman – i’ll go ahead and lump all these movies together – fun and entertaining, but ultimately forgettable.
  6. Star Trek Beyond – even with my bias for all things Star Trek, this movie barely makes it on the list.  still, it was fun seeing characters get to interact despite two previous movies where they didn’t.
  7. Eddie the Eagle – it’s my feel good movie of the year!  starring my fav actor Hugh Jackman, it’s based on a true story and good for a light night in all the seriousness of the world.

biggest disappointments for me this year, and there are lots:

  1. X-Men Apocalypse
  2. Independence Day: Resurgence
  3. Sausage Party
  4. Green Room
  5. Keanu

honorable mentions, especially as rentals:

  1. Nerve
  2. Zootopia
  3. Midnight Special
  4. Jungle Book
  5. The Nice Guys

movies i haven’t seen yet that may make it on this list:

  1. Moonlight
  2. Manchester by the Sea
  3. Jackie
  4. La La Land
  5. Live By Night
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Johnny’s top movies of 2015!

for those of you that care, here’s my top picks for movies in 2015!

    1. Ex Machina – what a concept!  great acting all around plus great visuals
    2. Star Wars: The Force Awakens – JJ does it again with a solid all around movie, but he better watch out for duplicating past plots too much (i.e. Star Wars Into Darkness and Wrath of Kahn)
    3. Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation – i love the MI franchise and Tom Cruise doesn’t disappoint.  i hope the addition of Ferguson in the next installment doesn’t ruin the dynamic.
    4. Mad Max: Fury Road – that guitar guy sealed the deal for me
    5. Everest – speaking to the adventurist in me, i enjoyed the grittiness and true story aspect
    6. The Martian – fun humor with a fun cast
    7. Furious 7 – the action is so ridic you have to respect that
    8. The Gift – a surprisingly dark movie that has perhaps ruined Jason Bateman for me
    9. Kingsman: The Secret Service – a breakout role for the male lead and i enjoyed all those British actors in one place
    10. Southpaw – i’m a sucker for boxing movies

biggest disappointments for me this year have been:

    1. Spectre – weak plot and action sequences that made no sense
    2. Ant-Man – despite Paul Rudd and an excellent entourage, perhaps i was expecting too much but this was way too predictable and that romance doesn’t feel organic
    3. The Avengers: Age of Ultron – i hear it’s better upon second viewing but it got too convoluted for me

good, but perhaps overhyped:

    1. Sicario

made more enjoyable because the friends i was with:

    1. Straight Outta Compton

movies i haven’t seen yet that may make it on this list:

    1. Macbeth
    2. Creed
    3. Revenant
    4. The Big Short
    5. The Walk
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my top 10 movies from 2012!

man, I love putting together this list every year! my top 10 movies released in 2012 are:

10. Game Change
9. Skyfall
8. Lawless
7. The Vow
6. Argo
5. Prometheus
4. Chronicle
3. The Avengers
2. Les Miserables
1. The Dark Knight Rises

as for honorable mentions, I have Flight and Life of Pi. and I have to admit, I haven’t seen some potentially great movies, which I will, such as Django Unchained, Zero Dark Thirty, Perks of Being a Wallflower, Lincoln, and The Impossible.

if you’ve read this far, then you must really care what I think so I’ll keep commenting. The Dark Knight Rises has to be the top spot compared to all the others. it is the end to a great, epic trilogy that changed he landscape of movies, plus what a fitting ending. maybe I put Les Miserables higher on the list because that was the last movie I watched, but wow was it powerful! so many themes and great music that almost got me to cry. I think Chronicle was a small game changer for me because that is totally how real super powers would manifest itself in the real world. Prometheus was BWAMM BWAMM BWAMM. Argo, being kind if like learning history, was riveting and had a woman in the theatre cheering them on. I love hypothetical questions and The Vow presented a whopper of one. Lawless featured some superb acting from Tom Hardy, Guy Pierce, and Jessica Chastain. and finally, Game Change was such a unique insight into what probably really happened regarding the 2008 election and Palin.

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just the one of us

there’s nothing you can but feel lonely.  after such a relationship, the longer you’ve been together, the harder it’s going to be.  and what’s the best way to get past it?  i think it’s just filling up your life with so much to do, you’re over-filling and brimming with things to do.  with all the empty parts of your life, i think it’s important to start filling them in with things you like to do.  and ultimately, with the passage of time, your life will be all patched up, and perhaps even stronger than before.

sticking with last week’s strip of letting the art do the talking, i was trying to find events that are meant for two and show Finn being lonely know without Elle.  and has anybody ever seen a two-seated bike besides on tv?

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so hard to be good

it’s so, so easy to fall into an equalist mode.  if you do it for me, THEN i’ll do it for you.  it’s only fair right?  hey, i totally agree!  but, for the sake of society and further it, i suggest we tweak that motto just a bit.  how about we take the first step forward and be the bigger person, at least once in awhile.  forget doing it all the time!  that’ll just lead to repeated disappointment.  instead, go for reciprocity with the occasionally bigger person sprinkled in.  i think that’ll lead to a happier society, and more importantly, a happier you.

ok, so, looking back, i don’t think i did enough with the panel to have the punchline make sense.  the joke was while Finn is at home wrestling with his conscious if he should invite Park out, Park has gone ahead to the movies without even thinking to invite Finn!  alas, i think i totally made you miss the boat on that one.

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my poster for best movies of 2011!

well, here’s a fun little project.  taking inspiration from Phil Noto and his personal rendition of movie posters, i decided to take a crack at a poster for my favorite movies of 2011.  it’s not the most original but it’s a start!  feel free to leave your comments!

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my top 10 movies of the year

i like year end recaps of the best and worst.  sometimes i agree, sometimes i whole heartedly disagree.  well, here’s my top movies of the year.

  1. The Adjustment Bureau – who wouldn’t do anything for love?  and dang it Matt Damon is charming!
  2. X-Men: First Class – Kevin Bacon made a great villian and this movie put Michael Fassbender on the map
  3. Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocols – i want to be Ethan Hunt.
  4. Crazy Stupid Love – one of three for the Ryan Gosling trifecta
  5. Thor – i’ve really gotten into Thor ever since Oliver Coipel started drawing it.  plus Natalie Portman!
  6. Transformers: Dark of the Moon – i don’t care what you say, it was just good fun.
  7. Ides of March – two of three for Gosling, i love political thrillers.
  8. Hanna – one of the best escape scenes i’ve ever seen.
  9. Limitless – seriously, who wouldn’t take that pill.
  10. The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo – shocking murder mystery.

and while i’m at it, here’s my 5 worst of the year, that i actually watched.

  1. The Green Hornet
  2. Hangover Part 2
  3. Midnight in Paris
  4. Drive Angry
  5. Scream 4

ps.  number 11 would’ve been Drive, making that the third Gosling movie.

agree?  disagree?  give me your comments or your top 10 movies of the year!

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don’t run, what are you doing?!

so, how much should a person support and take part of the partner’s hobbies and interests?  what if you just don’t like to do that activity?  then throw in how busy life is and how much time can you spare at the expense of other activities.  the answer could be pretty simple.  do as much as you can without being miserable.  if that’s “one unit” of that event, then that’s it and hopefully that’s enough.  if it’s “ten units,” even better.  you never want to lie or build up any resentment, but how much can it really hurt to spend time with your loved one?  when it comes to Lord of the Rings (or Battlestar Galactica or Games of Thrones), there’s always time!

ok, i thought this week’s idea was hilarious.  did i lay it out well enough to tell the story?  not sure.  the idea is Elle is just walking when she walks in on Finn putting in Lord of the Rings.  she knows Finn is going to ask her to watch it, hence she runs away.  how did i do on the story boarding?

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