man, you don’t know me

do you ever feel like a critic but when the situation is happening to you, it’s ok?  i wonder why that is.  the human mind has such a capacity to generate excuses and justify circumstances, in order to keep the ego happy.  if we do it too much and too often, it becomes arrogant and not in touch with reality.  if we do it too little and not frequently, then we come off as sad and pathetic.  so, what’s my point?  the point is, before we go off judging someone and their actions, realize we don’t have the full story and imagine how we’d react in that situation.  it may still not justify their action, but at least we’ll understand more.

i like how the shots are staggered from frame to frame.  the intention here was to simulate that Owen has had one too many drinks and thus, it’s hard to focus in on the entire situation.  and if you’re noticing, facial expressions are starting to become a bigger deal in this comic strip.  who knew facial expressions could be so much fun?  ;P

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give in to the game

let’s all agree on one thing – we don’t like to play games in relationships.  but… what’s considered a game?  how about manipulation?  how about influencing or persuading?  where do you draw the line?  does it depend if the motive is for selfish wants or for the betterment of the relationship?  it just seems that we’re all very quick to agree that playing games  is bad.  but let’s consider what we ourselves do when we want something, from anybody.

artwork wise, i’m sporting my new technique, which involves using thicker outlines for the characters at 0.7mm and thinner lines for the details, at 0.2mm.  and i’m really digging working from models again.  it just looks better!

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