well, this is it folks, time for a new beginning for Finn and his upcoming adventures.  today, we say goodbye to a cast of characters that has been with Finn throughout for several years now.  Ace, representing the part of Finn that has the confidence and charisma for any situation.  Remy, the part of Finn that’s in touch with his inner self.  Alex, the academic and knowledgeable aspect of Finn.  Owen, the hands-on, no non-sense kind of man.  and Ivy, the ever-present part of Finn that is vain and selfish.  without them, his friends, Finn would’ve been nothing.  from here on out, we’ll see what the future brings!

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risk it

oh Finn, you’ve got to let go man!  coming out of a long term relationship, i know it’s hard to move on from something that has been such a large part of your life. something that’s always been there and stable.  but now, she’s just gone.  so, i think it’s just human nature to hold on to what is familiar.  now is the time though to be bold and really try new things.  time to redefine who Finn really is.

pretty happy with the artwork this week.  i knew the last panel was the rock climbing scene, which i’m also happy with how it turned out.  but in order to get there, i had to get the right framing for the first two panels.  how do i show these two guys talking without revealing where they are at until the last panel.  i’m happy with it but what do you think about the second panel?

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style guide

there’s the athlete.  the hipster.  the mystery guy.  there’s all kinds of people out there, each with their own style when it comes to being attractive to folks.  i think my only point here is you can’t just copy another person’s style.  trust me, i’ve tried copying Justin Timberlake’s look but all i end up with is Jackie Chan!  i do like those Esquire, Details, GQ magazines, but i read them to pick up tips, in hopes of making it my own style.  so, i encourage you to find your own style and be yourself!


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treat oh so carefully

continuing from last week’s discussion on the positive and negative aspect of peer pressure, this week i’m highlighting probably a negative aspect of it.  here, we have Owen clearly making decision based only off of what others think.  so, let me play devil’s advocate and ask, “what’s wrong with that?”  there’s the obvious response of it may not be what Owen wants himself and therefore, not make him happy.  i say how do we know that?  maybe Owen gets happy by pleasing others, aka a people-pleaser.  i think the danger comes when he starts hanging out with bad influences, and therefore will pick up on those bad behavior.  luckily he’s hanging out with Finn!

i think i’m getting better with body language and facial expressions, now that i’m introducing more details.  for example, take away all the word captions, and i think you’d still get a hint of what’s going on and what the characters are feeling.  and if you’ve been reading Finn for awhile, you know i need to buff up on backgrounds, which is clearly missing here.  i blame laziness.

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run faster

for this week’s commentary, i’d like to take us a step even further back, to get a better picture of the bigger picture.  all our lives we’re running towards something.  whether it’s running to find love, running after that promotion or grade, or even running for the heck of running.  it’s this non-stop go-go-go mentality with the promise that once we achieve it, life will be better.  i think we both know that’s a bunch of bahooey.  i say keep running.  keep going for all the things that you think will make your life better – just make sure you’re enjoying the run.

so, i don’t like doing backgrounds.  if i had it my way, all you’d see were character movements.  alas, i felt the last panel needed a background to convey the scope of the scene.  and i don’t like to color either.  and that’s why it’s in grey. ha!

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man, you don’t know me

do you ever feel like a critic but when the situation is happening to you, it’s ok?  i wonder why that is.  the human mind has such a capacity to generate excuses and justify circumstances, in order to keep the ego happy.  if we do it too much and too often, it becomes arrogant and not in touch with reality.  if we do it too little and not frequently, then we come off as sad and pathetic.  so, what’s my point?  the point is, before we go off judging someone and their actions, realize we don’t have the full story and imagine how we’d react in that situation.  it may still not justify their action, but at least we’ll understand more.

i like how the shots are staggered from frame to frame.  the intention here was to simulate that Owen has had one too many drinks and thus, it’s hard to focus in on the entire situation.  and if you’re noticing, facial expressions are starting to become a bigger deal in this comic strip.  who knew facial expressions could be so much fun?  ;P

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give it to me right here

instant gratification.  and that’s still not enough – we want it to be a freaking awesome kind of gratification!  i liken it to gambling, where the notion of walking up to a table or slot machine, spending $1 and somehow instantly winning $1000’s of dollars.  it just doesn’t happen (very often), yet, we all still want it.  and why shouldn’t you?!  you’re a good person, who works hard at improving yourself.  i say, keep being a good person and you should expect to be gratified.  it’s just a matter of timing.

i’m really enjoying the body postures and positions in this strip.  from the first panel of how angry Owen is to the slap panel, to the last panel with Finn’s facial expression.  i’m hoping to yet again take the artwork to anther level soon.

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on the hunt

what’s the angle on your game?  are you mysterious?  are you funny?  are you the nice guy?  or perhaps like Owen, you may be a bit aggressive.  in any of the cases, i think you just have to play to your strong suit and make the most of it.  and given some time and patience, no doubt you’ll find the perfect person.  i think the tactic to avoid here is to act like someone you’re not.  such trying to be funny when you’re just a serious kind of person.  and the same goes for the ladies.  if you’re goofy, stay goofy.  if you’re sexy, well, definitely stay sexy!

had a lot of fun with this week’s strip by drawing something i don’t typically draw.  and the juxtaposition of a killing machine trying to throw game in a bar has got to be funny! also, getting the expression on the ladies’ faces was a hoot!

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equal days

i just had this realization last night actually.  here i am thinking i’m making the most of my time, being productive as possible.  and then i see my friend using his time differently, doing much more than me (multitasking) at times and at other times, just playing video games.  in the end, it’s all the same i guess.  as long as i feel happy with my day, there’s not much more than that.  and you guessed it, i’m happiest when i’m art jamming all day!

i really like the angle and perspective on that first panel.  i’ve seen other artist draw the bottom of shoes before and somehow they actually make it look interesting.  hopefully i accomplished a bit of that too!  if not, maybe i should’ve drawn those vibram five shoes!

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it’s just plain fun hanging out with friends.  of course, if things ever got too far, there’s also the ability to forgive and not hold a grudge.  i guess in a relationship, there’s that great power to hurt someone but hopefully it’s surpassed by the ability the forgive and just say you’re sorry.  then again, payback has its place i guess.

ok, i’m just going to admit it right now, i am superbly lazy in my coloring.  i had a nice vision to make the night time glow effect on that first panel then just decided to go with a dark gray flat.  alas, i hope my artwork is enough to keep you coming back!

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