pulling a Loki

friends.  you love them but sometimes, they just irk the heck out of you!  is it like family then?  knowing that these friends will always be there for you, even though there will be moments that irritate, annoy, bother, frustrate, and just hate?  there are definite similarities but the main difference being – you have a choice with friends.  the only thing i can say is just remember why people do what they do.  is it out of love or not?

artwork wise, ever so slightly i added a gradient in the first panel trying to get a bit more of a night time feel.  then in the last panel, that was just some photoshop coloring for the funny effect.  hope you got a kick out of it!

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double dribble

it’s one of the most important tools in your arsenal for dating – your game.  how sharp is the tool?  do you get to use it very often?  perhaps most importantly, are you constantly upgrading and improving it?  and i’d venture to say the best way to do that is with practice.  i don’t think it really matters how successful you are, just that you’re out there actively working it.  so, i say hey, go for it, what’s the worse that could happen.  and i’m not just talking about the guys, you too ladies could be out there sharpening your game!

as for the art, lots of fun this week.  i think i just enjoy the chance to draw these character in different scenery and body movements.  andwhen i drew owen’s arm holding the ball that crossed panels, i was planning to fix that in photoshop post-production, but then decided to leave t in place  makes the whole strip feel more active i think.

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gladiator maximus

nothing beats the exhilaration of getting that phone number or whatever hookup info (such as facebook these days).  all those nerves and all those failed attempts finally gets rewarded with success!  that feeling is probably translatable into most things we do in life.  we try and we fail often, but every so often, we succeed and it feels fantastic.  here’s to trying every day and hoping it becomes our biggest success yet!

had a lot of fun drawing this week’s strip for obvious reasons.  and that last panel is my favorite, with the victorious stance of Owen!  and pretty soon, jokes about phone numbers will have to be 10 digits (cause who doesn’t dial the area code these days!).

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now get a load of me

we’re going old-school fundamental this week.  this week, we’re talking about what starts everything – the approach!  i know pick-up lines are what they are.  sometimes they work, sometimes they’re great ice breakers, and sometimes they’re just horrible.  so, what we’re talking about is the approach.  what’s the best way to open up a conversation that will eventually lead to something.  i hope females realize how hard and how much pressure that is already.  now, throw in the fact you may have 5 minutes to work with, while being bombarded with loud music, and maybe even people bumping into you.  ah man, i just get tired and exhausted just thinking of it!

overall, just fun to draw this week’s art.  it’s got a little perspective, a little closeup, and just some random characters. all fun to draw!  coloring on the other hand is still a bit of a chore.  i wish i could enjoy doing that aspect of it more.  i know it pays off in the end with a more eye-catching image, but it’s still tedious at times.

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convene the board

you get the phone call.  you rush over quick as possible.  your friend is in need.  and you’ve got the answer.

it’s perhaps one of the most important job as a friend – to offer your advice to whatever scenario your friend needs help with.  i think the fact they’re asking you for your thoughts is a great compliment.  not only do they trust you enough, but they feel safe enough to hear what you have to say.  so, don’t abuse it.  offer your heartfelt suggestion and see what happens.  of course, if it’s a friend that calls on you way too often, then well, it’s a good thing we have caller ID these days.

whew, this week’s comic took quite awhile.  trying to draw the realistic style for this week, i still don’t think it’s realistic enough.  but i am happy with the panel breakdown though.  your thoughts?

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surface perfection

there’s a delicate balance between how much information you can tell your friends (and perhaps the world) about the details of your relationship, and how much should really be kept between just you and your partner.  for instance, there are those couple i see that seem just absolutely perfect on the surface, but i wonder how much, if any, do they bicker?  i mean, it’s absolutely believable that they don’t and that there exists those relationships that don’t disagree much.  in the end, i wonder how much we really know about those around us.

i’ve really struggled about how much technology (blogs, texting, twitter, social media, etc.) to incorporate into my strips. i thought by excluding them as much as possible, it would keep the finn comics timeless.  then again, this strip is all about relationships and dating.  since technology has significantly changed the way in which we flirt and romance, perhaps i can’t ignore it too much.

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do your duty

now, i gotta believe this is universal among guys and girls – that if one of your friends breakup, you immediately ‘hate’ on their ex in order to make your friend feel better.  i mean, it would be ridiculous to defend their ex during this time of need, right?  so, why does it feel so good to have your friends right there defending your actions?  maybe it’s as simple as validation and approval.  i would think breaking up is a difficult thing and to get some reassurance that, “yes, that was the right thing to do” would mean a lot.  who knew this came with being a good friend!

not too bad in the artwork department this week.  first panel sets the stage without revealing the punchline at the end, plus we get some close-up shots that showcase Ace, Owen, and Finn’s personalities some.  storyline wise, i’m gonna take some feedback from you and go back and really try to brush up on the humor.  having just read Bill Amend‘s My Hotdog Went Out, Can I Have Another?, i think i’m feeling funnier already!

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balance with confidence

this week i’d like to reset a little and go back to basics – the ever crucial first date! do you plan the first date around all the things you like to do? or do you try and guess what she likes and plan around that? i think it’s important, even on the first date, to not bend over too far because then it’ll be an unnatural position for you and she might get used to it. i would say, best to do a little of both. try to get something in the first date that you know she’ll like, but at the same time, take her to one of your favorite places. and on top of that, you’ll feel comfortable in your own environment, which will give you more confidence. (even though when i poll my girl friends, they say they’d actually give a guy a couple dates before they give up on him!)

and whew, coloring these landscape scenes always take so much time! but dare i say, i really like how it turned out. i try not to use gradients too much when coloring, in order to keep my strip simple and easy. but i felt this week the sun setting and the orange-ish skyline was just nice.

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only 1 bar

i think we’ve all realized (those of us that are old enough!) that technology definitely helps ease the ability to communicate but every once in awhile, it actually gets in the way of just having fun, of just living life.  the example that comes to mind is like when you’re at a party, and you spend half the time just trying to reach somebody on their cell, or sending update texts.  don’t get me wrong, i’m def guilty of the occasional twitter update.  i’m talking about spending your entire time just on the phone trying to coordinate and get to someone.  i imagine what it was like back in the 60’s when people just showed up at a party and actually participated.  again, if i was in the 60’s, i’d still probably be standing by myself next to the artificial plant… i just wouldn’t be tweeting about it!

i can’t help it.  i can’t help spilling the artwork over the borders!  it’s just so much more dynamic!  and this week i try to add more depth to the world of finn, with this week’s focus on owen.  you may notice, i’ve decided to make owen practically the only character in the strip with actual muscles (no skinny arms!).  the challenge to myself continues, to not be afraid to experiment with the characters.  there’s more to come!

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multiples are good

the concept of dating multiple people at once is so tricky.  i’d like to think i didn’t do that because it would’ve been so much to keep up with!  and in today’s age of social networking, it would be so easy to check a person’s facebook, twitter, or even google to figure out who else that person is talking to.  but i’ll venture to say, the concept of dating multiple people in the very early stages of dating should be embraced.  i mean, it’s so hard to find that one person you’re meant to spend the rest of your life with that dating one at a time (plus the time in between) would take so long and there’s only so many prime years in our life!

when i come up with storylines, the struggle i have is finding an interesting setting to tell it in, that adds character, and would be fun to draw.  so, i figure guys sometimes go out and play sports, and they usually end up catching up on news and such.  so, maybe in the future we’ll see more sport scenes on top of the coffee shop talks.

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