downward spiral

the feeling is undeniable.  you’ve built up the courage and you’re going in to hit on someone and hopefully leave successful, with perhaps a date or something.  you shoot, you dodge, you try all the maneuvers you’ve built up over the years.  but alas, it doesn’t work out and it’s just a downward spiral in confidence.  it may take some time but hopefully you leave the entire experience “stronger.”  (why do i sound like Calvin’s dad there, “it’ll build character.”)  also, that’s why we have good friends to support us when we’re down.

definitely something different with the artwork this week – the art is coming out of the page!  i definitely try not to overuse (or use much at all really) this technique because i’m afraid it might become a crutch.  i want to make sure it stays challenging to tell the story within the allotted area.  good friend gave me a great idea that if i had room for another panel, to draw owen falling from his spacebike with the camera angle from the bottom looking up.  would’ve made for a great shot i thought.

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ragging and raggidy

now, this strip depicts it very lightly, but ragging among friends seems to be an age old tradition.  the customary greeting among friends (more likely among male friends?) to insult each other upon seeing each other is hilarious!  how did this start?!  i would argue that it’s a form of showing affection and appreciation, but it’s a society barrier to explicitly express that to each other.  therefore, instead of saying, “hey, it’s wonderful to talk to you again, i missed you,” we say, “hey, no wonder i haven’t seen you in awhile, i’d want to hide that face too.”

had a good time drawing the strip this week.  the joke and also the last panel idea was given to me by lance, who is a constant source of humor ideas.  got a little lazy drawing any actual hiking background, but hopefully i’m saying more by drawing less!

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go ahead and ask

friends date friends.  given a circle of friends, some of them are bound to date each other.  and if things don’t work out, maybe that friend will date another friend in the same circle.  i guess when you’re looking for love, it’s understandable to look where you’re most comfortable and familiar.  the tough social etiquette here is can you date a friend’s ex, and if so, how to go about it.  one wrong move and you could be forever labeled a back-stabber.  but several right moves could lead to a great relationship.  is it worth the attempt?

artwork-wise, we play around some more with silouettes and i’ve definitely got to make my characters more identifiable with just their outlines.  according to the guys of How to Make a Webcomic, one thing i should strive for to make my characters outstanding, is that their profile or outline should be immediately recognizable.

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taking a hike

ahh, one of the more important talks a relationship usually goes through – whether or not to date exclusively.  i would venture to say, if the relationship was built up pretty good with a healthy level of open communication, this step should be pretty easy.  if the day comes to have this talk and you’re feeling shaky or unsure, maybe there’s something else to the relationship that needs to be addressed.  and you gotta feel for owen in this strip.  he’s got the rest of the hike in the middle of nowhere to deal with the awkwardness!

pretty happy about this week’s artwork, with a more detailed emphasis on the landscape artwork.  not sure if i did it justice with the colors though.

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just talk about it!

i’ve been learning more and more about this phenomena of ‘dating exclusively.’  who knew it could be so intricate with all the fine prints.  so, i just resort to my underlying motto of “keep it simple.”  the first step is definitely communication.  let’s just talk it out and see what the other thinks.  no need for all the assumptions and clues and indications; just talk about it!  and then comes the hard answer of maybe it’s, “yes, let’s go exclusive” or “no, i don’t think i’m ready for that.”  but either way, i bet it’ll be a lot less drama and a lot more productive.

ok, so i was trying to make use of the space again by doing a single panel.  i think i was going for owen having a bit of a contemplative moment before rushing to the punchline by ivy.

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all the crazy assumptions we make about each other in a relationship.  stuff that is so fundamental to ourselves and we make the naive assumption that the other must believe that too.  whether it be religion or savings or even food, it’s all those differences that get highlighted the longer you’re with someone.  and i guess if the relationship works out depends on how many of those differences becomes positives and new experiences, and how many of them become arguments.  i’m not sure if there’s any substitute to just communicating a whole and that requires a whole lot of time.  hopefully 99% of that time is enjoyable!

i’m still enjoying changing it up with the different backgrounds for the storylines.  usually i can come up with the joke but it’s the placement that makes the art interesting.  i know as i get better, the art and story should be more interdependent on each other.

by the way, check out the new marvel alliance 2 game.  awesome!

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date package – step 3

here we have it, the last and very important step to any date – the closing.  not sure many people take advantage of this moment, but it could pay back huge dividends if done right.  and it’s a probably very nervous time, but you just gotta step up and do something amzing, that way they’ll have something to remember you by – a lasting impression.  the only thing you gotta we careful about is not to be, well, weird.  keep it simple, like a nice present or a nice compliment.  i’d avoid references to battlestar galatica.

artwork, it’s such a huge help to have life models to go from, from body movements to background at, like the jeep in this week’s strip.  i was reading about Marvel’s foray into the motion comic scene (not exactly animated) with thier first comic, spider woman, with art by Alex Maleev.  he actually has a huge library of pictures of building and backgrounds that he draws and photshops from.  and then he actually hires a model so he can draw poses from her.  awesome.

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date package – step 2

last week’s strip on step one of a date was dinner, which is probably the easiest aspect of a date.  the next step gets real tricky, which is an event.  it’s important to move your date from location to location to establish memories together, which causes a sense of duration together.  but what do you pick for an event?  sometimes it’s driven by what your city/town offers but sometimes you can get creative and make something up yourself!  maybe make it a world of warcraft night!  ok, i’m so kidding with that last statement – do not do that on your date!

pretty happy how that theatre guy turned out with his colonial wig and ruffly shirt.  and not so sure about owen behind that fence, but i think it gets the point across.  🙂

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