here we are, second to the last Finn comic strip for the foreseeable future.  and here we have Finn making amends with a lost friendship a while back in the comic’s history.  i think the concept of closure is overplayed many times in tv shows and movies, but there’s something to it as well.  i’m not sure how much time you spend dwelling on it as opposed to leaving something unresolved.  in the end, it’s just a matter of can you go on with your life with or without that closure.  the other point here with Finn is having the emotional maturity to accept a personal failing and owning up to it.  that’s something i find rarely happens, and maybe that’s just because personal growth doesn’t happen all that often.

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thinking past

it feels like i used to have more time back then to reflect on things.  whether it was being in the gym longer or more music during car rides, i felt like i had ample time to think about life and all the small nuances of it.  life just seems to get more busy all the time, so there’s probably an art to simplifying it.  maybe it’s through these small moments of reflection that we distill life into the basics, allowing us to see what’s important and not.  and if life is too busy, it keeps getting busier because we haven’t had time to think about it.  life creep.

in the first panel, i used a new white ink pen i found online.  it looks great when you first apply it because it’s so white, but after it dries, it’s not quite as white and the black behind it makes it look more gray than anything.  in any case, a fun pen with silky smooth ink that just flows.   found using white out (although it gave a whiter white) a bit cumbersome to use.  with the last panel, i thought i’d throw in a little color to punch it up some.  pow!

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tiny cracks

i’ve come to realize that even the best relationships have their moments of spats.  it’s easy to just see the surface of relationships and think how great they must have it.  but given just a little but more time with them, there’s sure to be little things that annoy each other.  i’m not trying to say every relationship has problem.  i’m just saying the grass is not greener on the other side and it’s best to focus on your own relationship.  then ask yourself, what can i do to make it even better.

so, this week’s art challenge was drawing old people!  i, myself, used a crutch and drew a cane, which is very symbolic of old people.    i also made the old man kinda hunchy and the older woman not so thin.  as for the panel widths, i did not give them standard widths and instead just drew the art first and then the panel separations wherever it happened to be.

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fight, fight!

i’d like to continue from last week’s message and talk about how we’re just not entitled to anything.  the notion that because we’re now friends, you should be invited all events i have is absurd.  first of all, sometimes you just want to hang out one-on-one with someone, or with just a smaller group.  and secondly, invites should be reciprocated.  if i invite you to some of my events, i should be invited to some of your events.  and if you don’t normally set up events, perhaps you should.  the act of setting up an event and inviting you, no matter how casual an affair, takes some effort.  you should be asking yourself, what are you doing to contribute to the relationship if not reciprocating invites.  maybe you should just bring food, that would be just as awesome!

really enjoyed drawing this week’s strip, for all the obvious reasons!  and i say, who cares about the background, you get all the action and you don’t even need to know where they are!  am i right or am i right?!

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so hard to be good

it’s so, so easy to fall into an equalist mode.  if you do it for me, THEN i’ll do it for you.  it’s only fair right?  hey, i totally agree!  but, for the sake of society and further it, i suggest we tweak that motto just a bit.  how about we take the first step forward and be the bigger person, at least once in awhile.  forget doing it all the time!  that’ll just lead to repeated disappointment.  instead, go for reciprocity with the occasionally bigger person sprinkled in.  i think that’ll lead to a happier society, and more importantly, a happier you.

ok, so, looking back, i don’t think i did enough with the panel to have the punchline make sense.  the joke was while Finn is at home wrestling with his conscious if he should invite Park out, Park has gone ahead to the movies without even thinking to invite Finn!  alas, i think i totally made you miss the boat on that one.

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you don’t say

ok, here’s something about me.  i’m not very patient.  i really really try to be and i think i pass it off alright, but growing up, i realized i am quite impatient.  so, in my older age, i’ve learned to cope with it.  i do this by understanding who you are and then being able to expect.  what i mean is, if i know you’re late notoriously all the time, i can set my expectations, and then i won’t be let down.  and then i have people who i know are on time usually, and i can just appreciate that.  my point – learn to understand people and then you can set appropriate expectations.

so, starting this week, i’ve changed up my inking style, and party my drawing style too.  for the past several years, i’ve been using a Pentel brush pen, whcih is basically a brush that’ll change line thickness with pressure.  i had learned that line variation adds a lot of personality to the art.  but, i’ve noticed in some comic artist’s work that the character has this thick outline and then finer inks for the body details.  so, i’ll be trying this out for the next several weeks.  tell me what you think!

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breaking the habit

it’s interesting how we develop habits.  even more interesting are relationship habits.  such as the constant need to call or text your partner.  or perhaps the way we just treat them, that is very different than how we’d treat anybody else.  i don’t know, i don’t think i’m describing this very well.  i’m talking about the behaviors we’ve repeated so many times with that person that now it has become routine to treat them that way.  and i’m not saying it bad or good, just that we should step back and witness what it is we’re doing and what effect it has, positive or negative.

ok, not sure if there’s much punch to that punchline, but i’m pretty happy with the way i captured Finn’s protective arm movements.  this one was done without reference (except for Finn in the 3rd panel) and really feel it’s getting easier drawing body positions.  but when i do go back to reference material, i can definitely tell the more natural posture.  one of my goals this year is to get to more comic book, superhero drawing styles, so i’ll have to work on muscles eventually.

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no, i don’t do that

so, how do you feel about this topic?  do you feel like people in general are more likely to disappoint you or impress you?  i can’t tell and i feel like i go thru cycles when i’m optimistic and pessimistic.  but that shouldn’t really matter because it shouldn’t affect how we behave.  what i’m saying is, maybe we should always strive to believe people won’t disappoint us, that life in general won’t disappoint us.  i think choosing to keep a more positive outlook will inherently generate more positive results.  it’s kinda like that advice, always look where you want to go.

for this strip, i’m trying to play with the zooming in with each panel, focusing on the object of the punchline, which is all the drinks Park is stacking up.  and when your friend asks you, “hey man, you got me, right?”  it’s ok to say no!

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embrace it

i guess there’s some doubt that will always resonate within us.  it could manifest itself by questioning ourselves on a variety of things, such as who we are in a relationship with, what we do for a living, or what we believe we are good at.  and maybe the answer really is as bad as we think, that we aren’t good enough or worthy.  but you know what, who cares.  the fact is we are in a relationship with that person.  we are doing that for a living.  and we probably are good at what we do.  so, just embrace the doubt and let it push you to do better.

had fun with Elle’s yoga poses.  there were some really creative ones out there but not sure if it would’ve translated well for the comic strip!  i’m starting to really struggle finding new, innovative things to do with the strip.  time to research what the other professionals do and up my game!

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worth it

i’m a believer that people who used to date can still hang out, as friends.  but, it all definitely depends on how and why they broke up.  if both people agreed to it, because of just known differences or cause they grew apart, then why not.  there was enough in common to love each other once, why not try still being friends.  (we could always use another good friend!)  BUT, if the breakup was because of cheating, or if one person did the breaking up, or any number of other reasons, perhaps not.  all i’m saying is it’s worth to at least think about it.

i do love the single panels.  not because it’s less art, but because i think i really get to paint a more solid picture.  and in this week, i throw in a bit of shading.  i used to shade every comic strip, but it just got too tedious!

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