well, this is it folks, time for a new beginning for Finn and his upcoming adventures.  today, we say goodbye to a cast of characters that has been with Finn throughout for several years now.  Ace, representing the part of Finn that has the confidence and charisma for any situation.  Remy, the part of Finn that’s in touch with his inner self.  Alex, the academic and knowledgeable aspect of Finn.  Owen, the hands-on, no non-sense kind of man.  and Ivy, the ever-present part of Finn that is vain and selfish.  without them, his friends, Finn would’ve been nothing.  from here on out, we’ll see what the future brings!

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tired from nothing

ever do something  that you’re really tired from, but when you think about it, really didn’t take that much energy?  for instance, being in a bar/club and trying to meet people.  in actually, you’re probably perched at one location, looking around, and interacting with anybody that comes close to your gravitational pull.  in the end, how much energy have you exerted?  another example for me is flying all day from airport to airport.  it actually doesn’t require much exertion as i’m just sitting down all day yet by the time i reach my destination, i’m exhausted!

as for art this week, i sure hope i pulled it off.  i was trying to do something different than just showing several panels of Remy in different positions.  i tried getting creative and blending one panel into the next.  looking back now, perhaps i should’ve had people in he background.

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breathe, just breathe

definitely one of the biggest turn-offs when first meeting someone, especially if it’s a first date, is when one person does all the talking!  and it could definitely be the guy or the girl that is the culprit!  i mean, it’s ok to talk about yourself, since we should be learning about each other.  but, how about throwing me some questions too?  or if i’m finally talking and telling a story, how about asking me some follow up questions?  i’d like to think i’m interesting too.

in regards to the artwork, i had quite a challenge with this week’s.  in the first panel, i was trying to go for a wide angle perspective shot that makes it seems like the room is curved.  but instead, i think the art made it so that the room really is curved!  for the second panel, i had to do a photoshop correction to Remy’s silhouette walking off.  i had drawn his legs too forward so the center of gravity didn’t make sense at all.  luckily, i was art jamming with Wheezy and he caught the error of my ways!

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untrue attitude

don’t lie, you know it’s true.  and it’s quite a paradox for a nice guy to eventually figure out.  that there’s some truth to ignoring a girl or standing your ground firmly that makes her want a guy more.  i think the nice guy perspective is that as long as he does anything and everything for her, she should love him all the more.  once you realize that is false, it becomes a more dynamic relationship, sometimes filled with more selfish and game, but it’s one that will last over the long haul.

so, are you all tired of the bar conversation scenes?  i tried spicing it up with the second and third panel but i sort of like the fact that there’s a constant place where these characters go to have conversations.  should i make it exactly the same place every time?  or would you rather see as many different scenery as possible?

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convene the board

you get the phone call.  you rush over quick as possible.  your friend is in need.  and you’ve got the answer.

it’s perhaps one of the most important job as a friend – to offer your advice to whatever scenario your friend needs help with.  i think the fact they’re asking you for your thoughts is a great compliment.  not only do they trust you enough, but they feel safe enough to hear what you have to say.  so, don’t abuse it.  offer your heartfelt suggestion and see what happens.  of course, if it’s a friend that calls on you way too often, then well, it’s a good thing we have caller ID these days.

whew, this week’s comic took quite awhile.  trying to draw the realistic style for this week, i still don’t think it’s realistic enough.  but i am happy with the panel breakdown though.  your thoughts?

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surface perfection

there’s a delicate balance between how much information you can tell your friends (and perhaps the world) about the details of your relationship, and how much should really be kept between just you and your partner.  for instance, there are those couple i see that seem just absolutely perfect on the surface, but i wonder how much, if any, do they bicker?  i mean, it’s absolutely believable that they don’t and that there exists those relationships that don’t disagree much.  in the end, i wonder how much we really know about those around us.

i’ve really struggled about how much technology (blogs, texting, twitter, social media, etc.) to incorporate into my strips. i thought by excluding them as much as possible, it would keep the finn comics timeless.  then again, this strip is all about relationships and dating.  since technology has significantly changed the way in which we flirt and romance, perhaps i can’t ignore it too much.

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know what you say

now, i might be reaching here but do you know that one person that maybe you shouldn’t have told something to?  and as soon as you told that person you kinda regretted it?  cause they’ll either embellish the heck out of the story or tell the whole world about it.  but, they’re the ones that makes life kinda interesting.  they’re the ones with all the crazy stories.  of course, there might come a day when you have to cut that person out of your life because of the liability.  until then, enjoy your friend and just be careful what you say.

for this strip, i wasn’t sure if it was better to do a separate panel for the merchandise booth gag or like what i did above, which is just a single panel but around the corner of a storefront.  after some cartooning advice by Chibar, who runs the Life Items webcomic, i went with the latter.  any thoughts?

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know your place

first, we must admit to ourselves that being in the spotlight, center of attention, is pretty sweet sometimes.  some people crave it all the time while others get it only once in a long time. second, we must admit that people who seek the attention all the time can get tiresome.  so, with most things in life, what’s the balance?  might i suggest the tactic of the wingman into everyday life!  what this means is that your friends should speak highly of you and vice-versa, thus eliminating the awkward seeking-attention reputation!  and as a bonus, your friends will love you so much more!

feel the anger in the second panel!  with the anger comes a tighter fist, thus a more detailed hand showing the fingers.  and the third panel with finn leaning on the table primarily with one arm.  a simple everyday pose and i’m happy i was able to capture it naturally.  and i decided to go sparse on the background cause, well, i don’t think it would’ve added much.

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spill the beans

i’m a strong believer in sharing with your close friends and family your relationship woes.  there’s just so much we could learn from each other and not have to go through ourselves if we really listen.  we’ve got to be honest about it though, admitting our mistakes along the way.  if we don’t, we’re just spreading tall tales and people will be learning the wrong lessons.  and of course, there’s the sensitive balance of not just spilling dirty laundry!

very happy with the art this week (and next week’s for that matter!).  i really enjoyed the different perspectives and the movement of finn around the computer.  i think it felt natural without being too much of a distraction.

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do your duty

now, i gotta believe this is universal among guys and girls – that if one of your friends breakup, you immediately ‘hate’ on their ex in order to make your friend feel better.  i mean, it would be ridiculous to defend their ex during this time of need, right?  so, why does it feel so good to have your friends right there defending your actions?  maybe it’s as simple as validation and approval.  i would think breaking up is a difficult thing and to get some reassurance that, “yes, that was the right thing to do” would mean a lot.  who knew this came with being a good friend!

not too bad in the artwork department this week.  first panel sets the stage without revealing the punchline at the end, plus we get some close-up shots that showcase Ace, Owen, and Finn’s personalities some.  storyline wise, i’m gonna take some feedback from you and go back and really try to brush up on the humor.  having just read Bill Amend‘s My Hotdog Went Out, Can I Have Another?, i think i’m feeling funnier already!

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