the time please

i’ve probably covered this in a previous comic strip’s commentary, but i’ll say it again here.  that it’s worthwhile to do a drive just by yourself, perhaps with no destination in mind.  perhaps for you it’s going for a jog for no pre-determined distance.  every once in a while, it might be nice to leave the watch at home, not have your cell phone or be anywhere near a wall clock.  it’s ok to lose yourself and to lose track of the multiple balls that you’re juggling in the air.  but only every once in a long while!

really enjoyed drawing this week’s comic strip.  i struggled quite a bit to get the five panels to fit together with the common road but because of the angles i wanted, it didn’t come out as great as i thought it would.  plus i feel stuck drawing so realistically.  even years later drawing a comic strip, i have trouble with exaggeration!

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