mystery sketch theatre!

I was very happy to get back to the mystery sketch theatre, hosted at A Comic Shop. for those not familiar, it’s a two hours of sketching, progressing from 30 seconds to a solid 15 minutes. without further ado, here are my 30 second sketches.


next up, one minute sketches. like the 30 second sketches, I’m using a new 0.7 Coptic multiliner pen and it feels great!


I think I started hitting my stride with the 5 minute sketches. it might be because I started with blue pencils, to rough out the figure first, then with the 0.7 and 0.2 Copic pens.


next, 10 minute sketches.


and finally, he much awaited contest sketch. tonight’s theme is a cherry pie. now, I was really struggling on how to creatively incorporate her, and ended up with this. other had her popping out of the pie! and thanks to Chibar for giving me that punch line!


and by now, it’s late and I’ve gotten tired.


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female faces

so, after the last few sketch nights and coming off of jamm week, I realized I am distinctly weak on drawing female faces, or at least making them attractive! so, as I’ve always done when learning, I start by emulating some of the greats. for this exercise, I’ll be imitating Dustin Nguyen, specifically an issue from Superman/Batman. if you’ve never heard of Dustin, do yourself a favor and check out his deviatart page where you’ll find great watercolors of Batman’s rogue gallery.


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copycat sketch

ok, so i’m gonna try out something different for my morning sketches.  i’m definitely still learning how to draw and trying to figure out my style.  so, how better to learn than to emulate some of my comic book artist idols!

first up, Oliver Coipel!  a french artist who i think first started off with the Thor reboot a few years back, he’s also done the major crossover, The Seige.  as you can tell from my copy below, still need to work on my proportions cause i’m skewing!

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character design – President Snow

the next character design for the Hunger Game is President Snow!  now, i’ve only finished the first book and just started the second of the trilogy.  therefore, my vision for President Snow is quite limited.  even so, this is how i picture him.  regal, long suit, perhaps a mixture of black, white, and either red or blue.  maybe yellow.  a thick set of white hair, but with soft eyes.  why the soft eyes?  well, he’s got to lure you in before he goes all bad on you!

comments are welcome!

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character design – Katniss Evergreen

i wrapped up the character sketches of HBO’s Game of Thrones last week and this week kicks off a new endeavor!  in conjuction with my jamm partner and animator extraordinaire, Wheezy, we’ll be doing character designs for the Hunger Games!  i think this is perfect timing as not many images from the upcoming movie has been released yet.  thsi will give us more creativity as to what these characters look like in our head.

first up is the main character herself, Katniss Everdeen.  now, i haven’t done much in costume design and it’s much harder than it looks.  i thought i could just draw some lines and boom, there’d be an awesome outfit.  but i found i had to do some research as to what archery gear there is and such.  anyways, below are some concepts for Katniss.

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30 minute morning sketch!

saving one of the best for last, i present to you the Khaleesi from HBO’s Game of Thrones, Daenerys Targaryen!  i think one of the things i love most from this series is all the fantastic quotes and one liners.  for her, “my heart is not gentle.”

done in Copic multiliner 0.1 and 0.5 in my sketch book.

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