down the well

so, maybe it’s just my personal experience, but i hypothesize that females have some really crazy dreams as compared to guys.  maybe guys really are just more simple minded, and thus don’t have such complex dreams.  but i swear, women have the most intense, scary dreams.  so, chalk that up as another reason why it’s good to be a guy!

as for the artwork, i’m really proud of this one.  pretty simple in concept but it turned out really well i think, all the way down to the way Finn’s shirt wrinkles.  the original punchline i had was Finn was dreaming about being in Mission: Impossible and he would be hanging inches from the floor but in the end, i felt i was reaching too much with that joke.

and Happy New Years!

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small talk ends

so, i was at a dinner party last night and there were people i didn’t know at the table, and therefore required some social mingling.  and the thought always occurs to me when meeting someone new – what are all the things and interests you have that makes you who you are.  i mean, i know i have tons of interests, likes & dislikes, and that sort of defines me as a person.  so, as i’m talking to this person, i like to dive straight into, “hey, what do you like to do in your spare time?”  and undoubtedly, there is something about that person that i can identify with or that they do and i’ve always wanted to do.  and then the small talk ends and real conversation begins.

continuing with my focus on different finn characters, this week we focus on elle for a bit.  even myself, i wondered, who is elle?  sure, she’s finn’s girlfriend, but what else do we know about her?  so, hopefully this sunday strip highlights some of elle’s hobbies.  art-wise, each panel actually represents its own challenge, from the senior citizen volunteer work to laying out by the pool, to reading a zombie book.

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run finn, run

it’s probably a social norm that it’s wrong to date your best friend’s ex.  probably.  what it comes down to though is just understanding.  what kind of understanding do you and your friends have?  if this rare situation should ever occur, it’s definitely a good idea to go ahead and discuss it with your friend first, get the ok, and then pounce!  just imagine the repercussion if you don’t have that talk first!

artwork wise, it’s definitely inspired by calvin & hobbes, as is much of my work.  it was definitely fun having a continuous background ‘run’ through the storyline.  i tried something new with the tree in the background.  i colored it by hand with a Sharpie black marker and then used a thin white out pen to get some texture into the tree.  unfortunately, the white out pen didn’t have nearly the control or thinness like i wanted.

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